Friday, September 28, 2012

Friends, Please meet Kseniya, my new Russian Girlfriend

For those of you know remember all of those wonderful russian girlfriend scammers I’ve had in the past – FORGET THEM!  Please meet Kseniya.  In her own words:

Do you really want my own image?


That’s all she wrote.  So of course, who DOESN’T WANT MY OWN IMAGE!  So I wrote to this very capable and floatation device ready Russian beauty…  from me:

Hi, you are really quite stunning!  I like your braids.

Then the dear Kseniya responds quickly:

Hello! :-)Thank you. it's very nice! I was sure that you will answer to my letter. 
Now I write to you from my personal box (before I wrote from working) 
... if you do not mind I will write you  a long letter tomorrow, or later today  .. 
I'm sorry .. I'm in a hurry, and I hope that you like my photos :-)


And then I responded as quickly as I could:

Wow, thank you very much for the photos.  You are beautiful – like a sunset but with legs and a wicked belt.  I hope to know you more, your name is confusing.  How do you pronounce it?  Like K-mart – Kay Seniya or silent K and Seniya?  Or is it something else?  Where do you live?  It must be near heaven, for you look like an angel!  Tell Jesus hi!  Where do you live?  Your design style appears Russian aka random crazy style.  I’m guessing you’ll send me bikini photo next?  Yes?  I know a few things you know, but when I see a girl with a belt like that I say ‘is this the WWF’?  I’m not speaking of the world wildlife foundation.  I’m speaking of the greatest sport in the world, Professional Wrestling.  Anyways, I don’t want to sound crazy.  Gotta Rick Roll. 

Looking forward to your letters!



And that is where we stand.  You’re welcome.


Soda said...

i actually have a good friend named kysenia.... but dont ask me to spell her last name.

Rainmaker said...

Ahh, good times again.

Dawn said...

I don't know you but somehow I wandered on to your blog awhile ago and was cracking up with all your Russians. Checking back this time I wasn't disappointed. Please keep it up and keep in touch with those ladies. You really have a way with words-and evidently the Slavs.