Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Can You Get A Pen and Paper?

So I’m riding my bike home from work as I do every day.  I have my phone in my back pocket and listen to my playlists while riding but on occasion someone calls me – usually no more than a few people who know that I might be going 35mph downhill or approaching death climbing a hill while talking to them.


I get this call yesterday while on my bike. 

Me: hello

Voice: Hi this is Rob Cole, I need a ride @ 5:30 today.

Me: what? 

Voice: you know how you said you could drive me on occasion?  well I need a ride at 5:30.

Me: I think you have the wrong number.

Voice: I can’t really hear you, are you on your mobile?

Me: I don’t know who you are, you have the wrong number (I haven’t actually figured out the hang up button on my headphones)

Voice: It’s really choppy, can you hear me?

Me: I’m riding my bike.  Up a hill.

Voice: gosh, I can’t really hear you. 

Me: that’s because I’m riding a bike.  I’m ON A BIKE.  (I figure if I’m rude he’ll hang up and my music will magically turn back on).

Voice: Can you see your phone?

Me: No, I’m on my bike.  I can’t see my phone. 

Voice: ok, can you get a pen and paper and write down my number?  I need a ride at 5:30.

Me: Sure, hold on….. ok

Voice: here’s my number

Me: ok

Voice: I’ll call you right back. 

Which he does.  And leaves a whole message about me giving him a ride.  At 5:30. 

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