Wednesday, April 18, 2012

And There Was This Explosion

So I was in Paris for a few days for work.  You’re jealous but then think about this:

Get up at 5am PST, work, ride you bike as hard as you can for 90 mins and then clean up, hop in town car to the airport.  Then get on plane where everyone decides to put dorm refrigerator-sized ‘carry on’ luggage into the overhead bins.  Lots of people tried one bin, then the next and so on.  Never quite realizing they’re all the same size.  Fly for 10.5 hours with a departure time of 1pm.  So now it’s somewhere around 11:30 PST but surprise it’s 8am in Paris.  So then we have a day to work or walk to every single touristy place in Paris which we do.  And then we eat dinner at about 7pm and go to our rooms at 10pm which means I’ve been up for a day and a half.  Then I woke up at 2:30am because why not.  So see, it’s not glamorous nor fun but I took pictures.

P4100283 Stitch (2)

And then we worked for 2 days and ran out to catch more sites which was basically seeing the Eiffel Tower a lot.  And then we were done on Friday and after dinner I went back to my room and as I turned on the lights there was this explosion. 

Sort of.

When you blow a light bulb it just sort of pops but when you blow all of them in the room along with some ancient fuses, it makes a bit more noise and the flash is big and not pooping your pants also adds to the excitement. 

So I was in my room and it was very dark and my friend Chris was using his cell phone to help me find my shoes for walking around and up the Eiffel Tower (again).  But it was dark and I seemed to have misplaced my room key (which was black).  So we left the room and in the lobby went to tell a 22 year old night manager in French what happened.  But because I was tired, I did it in English.  It went like this:

Me: So there was sort of an explosion in my room.

Night Manager: wuz zare fi-her? 

Me: no, no fire.

NM: duz zee teevee work?

Me: I don’t know it was dark.  Nothing works. 

NM: I av to tell you zee truf, I am noht an eelektrishun.  I cannot fix it. But the good news is zhat vee can fix it tomorroh.  ok?

Me: ok (except I’m leaving at 7am) I also can’t find my room key.

NM: (looking at both Chris and I) are you two sharing zee room

Me: no.

NM: it is not a problem, I vil make you a new wone.  ok?

Me: ok… (then I dig in my wallet and see I DID have my key), oh wait, I found my key

NM: ohhhh, zaht is ok, you can use zee secont wun to give to your girlfriend.

Me: parfait.  Merci. Bon soir (and then I went up the eiffel tower). 

So there you go.  If you ever find yourself in Paris with 2 room keys the solution is to give one to your girlfriend. 

P4100342 Stitch

Then I flew home for 11.5 hours and zipped through customs and as I walked into the house the ladies all left for a baby shower which meant I was out for a 40 mile ride!  Merci.

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