Wednesday, March 14, 2012

See I told you


So I figured that I could actually write during my kids swim lessons.  So here’s some catch-up (which is not as good at ketchup). 

I broke my leg.  I wore a cast then after 3 weeks of sitting on the couch being ‘American’ (watching TV, playing video games, drinking beer and hitting my kids) I got back ON the bike.  I could ride ‘easy’ which is like 170 watts or just enough to burn off 11 corn flakes per hour.  I was able to do that for 2 weeks which helped keep my leg from shrinking any further. 

imageTHEN I went to Disneyland where I thought it would be awesome to go with a cast on my leg.  For the first day I rented a rascal scooter which comes with a load of judgment and guilt.  Sada thought it was the greatest ride at the park – by the end of the night it was annoying and I gave Sada the keys and let her drive it by herself in a crowd (it seemed like a good idea).  The sort of good part was that I could go to the front of the line with rest of the ‘handicapped’ people.  It turns out, the bar to be handicapped at Disneyland is a low one.  I was behind about 10 gang bangers who were holding some grandma’s handicap pass but not one of them had an issue getting around and there wasn’t a sign of nana anywhere.  Yes I was totally judging the whole time while waiting for the Dumbo ride. 

So I figured I wasn’t THAT bad and just took my cast off and limped.  Limping at Disneyland is about as much fun as well, limping anywhere where you have to walk 42km while you hand over $10 for a banana and water.  I do think we had a great time and then I got sick, like really sick. 

Then we flew home and I got antibiotics and had to take 2 weeks off of riding.  I did get my cast off (officially) but the doc said my leg is still broken which I discovered WAS true when I rode my bike to work and felt every single stupid bump and nook and cranny and rock and grass blade I rode over in the spot in my leg that is broken. 

I think Whitney Houston died at some point too and someone took a picture of her dead. 

Then it was Greta’s birthday and because we just spent about $12,938 at Disneyland in 5 days I said happy birthday and didn’t get her anything.  I think she was ok with that since it was sunny and 80 there and she was able to wear all 23 of her bathing suits. 

Here is the trusted Sada with the keys to a sweet red rascal scooter – Just watch the blue light.

Then I got better and started riding MORE and faster and that’s about where I am now.  I’ve had a whole 1.5 weeks of riding and start racing around April 4 or whenever the first Thursday in April is.  Then I fly to Paris for a week (work) and don’t get sympathy for it because it’s Paris but seriously, it’s awesome and French but I won’t have my bike or any of my ladies and that pretty much is what I imagine hell to be.  Plus there are pastries everywhere and French food and butter and bread and yoghurt and see…  it’s horrible. 

And it still hurts to walk.  And I haven’t started swimming because if I can’t run, I can’t race triathlons and if I can’t race triathlons, there isn’t a point wasting time in a pool when I could be riding my bike. 

or eating hot wings.


I promise.  I’m going to get back on it. 

Plus I’m riding and even though my leg is still broke, I’m tired of not riding.