Friday, December 2, 2011

Thank You Sir

It’s 37 out and probably raining.  If it’s not, it will be by the time I’m ready to go out and ride – so I gave up and have mounted my S-Works Venge to my Cyclops trainer for a few weeks.  I’ve learned my lesson (I think) by riding with Marky V and getting sick and then riding with Rhae and getting sick (she promised it wasn’t raining) – I’m 2 for 2.  So after weeks of coughing and recovery – I’m on a trainer 4-5 days a week for 90 mins of awful or my new Precor treadmill for brief but frequent runs (not like you get in Mexico).  I’m also riding by myself for the rest of the year.  People make me sick.

So because I get to work before 8am… I’m getting up @ 4:30am, so I can on the bike and while sort of awake to do these kinds of workouts shown below…

Here’s a super fun run (who said treadmills were boring?) that I did after riding.  Believe it or not, I do add hills (2-5% grade for 2-5 mins) but not a whole lot of change in the HR. This is a solid but slow 2.25 mile run.








And here is my ride – nice warm up, some efforts in Z2 (mostly) and some brief time in Z3. 












Or this – where I do a warm up into high zone 1, then I think 10-15 mins of 1 legged drills and the some efforts in Z2 followed by a cool down.













So that’s it – lots of running and biking.  Well, not lots but more than I was doing when I was sick.  A workout when I’m sick, looks sad like this (slow and then sadder and sadder and more sad).  The goal is to keep working on fitness, drop some weight and stay healthy.


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pnut said...

i am pretty sure that like to say that riding with anyone faster than you makes you sick. This way you keep Sada and Piper as your only riding mates. It won't be long until they can destroy you too... then you are screwed.