Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Don’t Make Any Sense

IMG_1271I don’t.  To most people I don’t.  I don’t think I do.  I sort of get bored and move on to the next thing but this doesn’t always work in a conversation.  Or at work.  I’m pretty sure this blog is the longest I can go with one sort of theme at a time.  I do go to be every night, so I’m consistent there.  Everything else is random but it’s not. 

This is sort of what I do at work.  I look at what appears to be a lot of random stuff, which isn’t and then find someone smarter than me to do some math to show that it isn’t random.  Then I’m right.  I love being right.

So back to what I was saying…

Here’s an example of not making sense, essentially my thoughts in a day.

5am alarm… turn off, I could run but I need a rest day.

I know it’s tuesday but my new week begins on tuesday. Thus it’s a rest day.

I could watch the tour and get something out of that, I’ll call it training.

That Thomas Voeckler guy licks his lips a lot, maybe his family has a history of downs.  Maybe his lips are chapped.  He should call grandma.

Why does Sesame Street use a lot of retarded kids.  John John wasn’t, but I think the rest were.  I’m not supposed to say retarded.

I’m not saying special, special is special, retarded is not special. Seems like a lot of work.

How many days can I really wear bike shorts, 2 max I think though it’s really about miles.  Then it’s like 60 miles max or 2x 30.  I ride alone, who cares.

I’d like a beach house somewhere.  I should look.

I hate taxes, I think I paid more since January.  $45,000 is a lot to me.  Seriously.  Those are just extra from 08 and 09.  I hate taxes.

I forgot the hotwings in the fridge with the chicken and taters.  I do that a lot. 

I forgot my pants today.  Rode into work. 

Hit 937 watts on my commute.  Turns out pulling out in front of cars on a busy road will be a regular part of my training.

I tried to go over 450w at least 15 times on my morning commute.  I’m sure this is good training for something.

Sada practiced her T1 and T2 (triathlon stuff) yesterday about 10x.  She’s seriously amazing.  We even practiced mount like back up scenarios.  She got it. 

I sat down next to an 11 year old kid who was a prodigy on the piano.  We talked about tiramisu.  Seriously.  He made it with chopsticks because he didn’t have a hand-mixer for the egg whites.  He also enjoys hot dogs, his one hour a week of World of Warcraft, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.  He also said he liked kids who were 14-15 more than his peers but didn’t say why.  For going into 7th grade I thought he was pretty small.  He said he didn’t like sports.  I sort of glossed over at that point.

I don’t understand asian drivers.  Just go faster.  You’re good at numbers, make the needle go to 60 on the highway. 

I’d never buy a Camry. 

I understand how people need a Prius, but still figure it’s better to carpool.  How much energy and resources did it take to make a new prius?  A lot.  Where do the batteries go when they are dead?

I love Motley Crue and Steely Dan.  Those two bands should never meet.  It wouldn’t be pretty.

I’m annoyed that people do races for fun. 

Americans are fat.  I don’t think we should be. 

In Paris this lady walks up to this cashier at a store and says ‘how much is this with the discount’.  He says in a super heavy accent, I don’t know.  She walks off.  We get to him and throw a few bonjours around and he speaks perfect english to us.  Says he’s going on vacation to Vancouver BC but hates Texans because they’re rednecks.  We agreed.  Then ate dinner without our friend from Texas who was complimented everywhere in Paris on his amazing French that he learned by living in France.  He is not a redneck.

I found money in 3 different pieces of clothing I wore in 1 day.  It was $7. 

I’m hardly ever offended.  Except by people who are easily offended.  This is pretty much every elected official and stay at home moms. 

I said pretty much above, in case you were offended. 

I could spend every day with my family and never get tired of them. 

My wife makes a big dinner with at least 3 salads just about every night of the week.  I look in the fridge and say ‘pizza night’ if I offer to cook.

I should stretch more.  I love french toast but syrup has a lot of calories. 

I love when my kids succeed at something and know it. 

I don’t believe in ‘I’m sorry’, I just say don’t do it again or draw me a picture or something.

I have a hard time throwing away anything my kids do.  I hate seeing salad go to waste.

I don’t let the kids waste water and we never mis-treat books.

I think the mona liza is smiling but she isn’t pretty to begin with. 

The best reality show isn’t real.  The housewives of the OC is awesome. 

I want to have enough money to write a screenplay and get it made. 

I would sleep in a bunk bed a lot if I was allowed to.  By allowed to, I mean having one in my room.  I suppose Greta could sleep on the bottom bunk.  Or maybe a big queen size bunk bed. 

I don’t like knowing the ending of a book or movie.  Or a stage in a bike race. 

Lazy annoys me.  Like a lot.  I don’t like to waste time.  Though watching a bike race on TV for 4 hours is not considered wasting time.  This is why I have my own house. 

I want a new bike, my current road bike feels noodle-y.  It’s probably not but I think it does.

I wonder how smelly it was in ‘olden times’. 

See that’s a big list of random stuff.  I think I wrote that in 5 minutes.  I guess the takeaway from this post is to feel bad for Greta.  She can follow most of what I say, in fact I don’t remember the last time she didn’t.  I have a hard time following others.  I also only like the first 1:30 of most songs. 

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