Thursday, January 27, 2011

You received my letter? Why you do not answer me? Car wash it is your work?

So I could either write about swimming and biking but not running OR I can tell you more about Elena…

She’s way more interesting so away we go!

From Elena:

Hi Henry. How are you today? It is a pity, I do not receive your answer. Probably it will seem to you strange, but I have written for you the letter two days ago. Therefore first of all I wish to ask...

You received my letter? Why you do not answer me?


Then because I didn’t write back the next day, she panics:

Hello Henry! I do not receive till now your answer. I do not know, why you do not write to me. Probably, you do not have on it time. But, if you are not interested to get acquainted with me further tell to me about it. Well? For me it is very important for knowing! I hope that you can shortly inform me on it.


This is alarming so I had to write back and let us not forget what she looks like, Jack (the dog) tilts his head the same way when we say ‘ARE YOU A GOOD BOY?’. 

photo0585 (3)

From me, or rather Henry:

Dearest Elena Bena Fo Fena,

I am sorry that so much time has passed since I last wrote to you – 48 hours is a long time. I have been travelling a little. I own many car washes and have had to spend time visiting some of them to ensure people are cleaning the cars correctly. Do you have car wash where you live? I do not know about Russia but it does not sound like a place I would like to visit, unless there were many beautiful women like you at every bus stop. Do you travel? Do you have a car or ride the bicycle?

I love muffins and hope that you do as well.

How about the shopping and sexytime?

I also read books?

What do you read?

Do you know Disney?

I just saw Tangled, it’s a pretty good movie but it isn’t realistic.  A pretty blonde, who doesn’t really ever try to get out of her tower? Really now?  See.

How about a phone, maybe we could speak dearly together soon.  I have a party line at my home. 

Do you have internet where you live?  We have it here.  I am guessing you do.  Do you speak about pop music?  I wish to know this and more about you.  I still enjoy those slippers of yours. 

Your friend and hero,


Then she writes (and I underline my favorite lines)

Hello Henry. I am glad to receive your letter. It is a pity that you was necessary to wait long. I hope that you can write to a thicket.

Tell, you are good to understand that I write to you in my letter?

I am not confident but in St.-Petersburg is a little car wash? car wash it is your work?

I never travelled abroad Russia. But I travelled in many places here.

In Russia there are many beautiful places. How much you travel? In what countries you were? Do you live in New Your city?

I have no car or bicycle. I should tell that it is very unusual questions for the man to set to the woman. But i like shopping.

You know I would like to tell about the hobbies and including that i like a read in other letter. Well? Now, I would like to tell to you for what exactly I search. I wish to get acquainted with the good man for serious relations. Some women search for acquaintance to the man to have pleasant evening with him or only to provide itself financially. I not the such. I wish to find the good man and to have steady relations with him, to establish a family. I think that the love is necessary for such relations. I hope, you to understand that I wish to tell to you. To me 27 years, but I have never met such man whom I could present near to me. I hope, our acquaintance will correct it, I sincerely hope for it. Excuse me Henry that I speak with you about it, probably it will seem to you too frank and personal. But it is very important for me. I want, that you knew that I wish to find in a life and to what I aspire now. What concerning you? What do you think of it? Tell to me, you dream to meet what woman in your life?

Tell to me more about your family. You often see the parents? You have brothers and sisters? Please send me your photo I hope to receive your answer soon.

Yours Elena

Then I wrote:

Dear Elena,

The car wash is my work, I am a business man and own many of them – I get paid sitting around watching people wash cars, this is called unskilled labor but it is a choice.  I travel very often but to sunny places with views of the ocean and tropical fish and many beaches.  I have been to London and France but do not care for those French people.  I do not like their sideways hats and they smoke in all of the restaurants. 

I do live in New York City in a very nice area near Central Park, do you know of this?  If you have seen the American TV show Friends you will know this area.  You are very beautiful and would enjoy visiting and I would enjoy shopping for clothing, uggs and handbags for you.   Uggs are very popular but ugly footwear.  Just like Justin Beaver.

I do wish for serious relations, non-serious relations are not appealing to me.   I do not waste my time with women who only want my money, just women who are looking for my companionship and enjoy being showered with gifts and jewelry and travel. 

My family all lives in New York City,  I do not see them often as they are jealous of my many car washes and my home, my father Belo is a bastard.   I have 3 sisters and they are all younger, 37, 28 and 27.  They all have children and live nearby.  Do you enjoy wine?  If so, do you have any favorites?

Attached is a picture of me.

Can we speak sometime?  I have a cell phone.  Do you have these where you are?  I have been reading about Russia a little and those big hats look like fun to wear.  Maybe if you visit someday you could bring one?  I love Italian food, I hope you do as well.



PS – would you mind sending more photos, you are really beautiful and I think of you often. 


And now this poor guy who put his picture on Picasa is now Henry.  Sorry mate. 


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