Wednesday, January 12, 2011

She Got Growly

So, I didn’t even tell her but at some point last night I rolled over.  I was sort of awake and then I hear this very distinct and sort of loud ‘grrrrrrrrr’ followed by the sound of snoring.  It was like a 3 second or longer growl.  You’d think it was the dog but weighing in at a strapping 6lbs or maybe a bit more, Jack doesn’t really have a growl – more like a high-pitched tweet-like bark.  So it was the Mrs, growling away in her sleep.  Jack and I were sort of annoyed. 

If you were counting, this is Greta’s second animal related late night in-her-sleep sound.  Last time it was a more comical parrot-whistle followed by ‘CRACKERS’, said in a parrot voice. 

I’m also doing other stuff, like signing up for the Rev 3 half iron distance race in July in Portland.  July 10 to be specific.  I wanted to do Vineman 70.3 but it was sold out and even the wait list was maxed – so I’ll do this race, which is closer and cheaper and it has hills. 

Not sure what else I will do, but likely Lake Stevens 70.3 as well.

So this means I have to swim and stuff – so I started that, a whole 3 months earlier than I did last year.  My cycling program is now well into it’s 4th month now and I’m WAY ahead of where I was last year.  The watts are getting easier and easier to push and getting in 90 min workouts 3x a week on the trainer and another 3-5 hrs on the weekend is helping me nicely.  Today I even got a little visit from Z4, a whopping 6 mins - but have been getting at least 30-45 mins of Z3, 2x a week. 

I grew a beard sort of and I think 2 people like it.  Sada showed me some pictures of people with facial hair and their jobs: criminal, lumberjack, longshoreman and if I just get rid of everything but the mustache, I could also be a magician.  She’s mostly worried that she won’t recognize me in a week, it’s not like I’m going all Amish on her but given that it is really annoying and I haven’t had a kiss in over 2 weeks, I’ll be removing it shortly. 

I also have stopped or at least cut my experiment to 50% of the prescribed mg.  I was not sleeping well and given that my testosterone and thyroid were way low already, I opted for less support in curbing my appetite, a lower overall HR and a return to normalcy.  After a few days at 50mg instead of 100mg, my HR is down 10-15 beats in my workouts, I’m getting what feels to be a solid night’s sleep and I’m probably less insane to be around. 

The girls are still swimming awesomely.  Piper learned to breathe and swim, before she would swim about 33 little strokes and then gasp, recover and do it again.  Now she is breathing on each side, except she does it on every stroke.  So we are working on finding a middle ground.  Sada is swimming really well and did an amazing butterfly last night across the pool.  I couldn’t have been prouder, mostly because I have never buttered a single stroke in my life and I’ll probably keep it that way.

Here’s the insane Christmas Eve photo.  Sada’s head looks enormous and Piper still looks like Ozzy Osbourne.  Because no one ever takes photos of me, I had Piper model my new coat. 


That’s it.  

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Courtenay said...

oh my god. i'm doing rev3 portland too! the course looks so awesome that i will be in such a good mood that i'd like to offer to be seen talking to you in public. it will be great.