Friday, December 3, 2010

Went to "reg-o" yesterday

I’m not even writing anymore, I’m just taking emails and posting them as my own content with a small disclaimer that Rhae Shaw wrote everything else below and she’s still in Australia and doing some ironman there this weekend I think. 

I went to "reg-o" yesterday  (ok so really... why isn't it called "reg-i"?  it seems most logical that it would be since everything else gets shortened with an "eeeee" to the end.  but everyone says reg-o... which makes zero sense to me and now i wonder how things get nicknamed and who is in charge).  Anyway - it was the most laid back registration of all time (classic Australian) and I didn't show my license or anything...  so you can picture me "dont you want to see my pro card?  Please?" 

The swag bag has the athlete number screened right on it -- so as i was walking around after everyone knew i was a pro (let the stare down begin) and i was bopping around on my sweet cruiser after i heard a lot of "do you know who she is?". Even though i am sure the answer was "no" in most cases, it still was pretty sweet.   

Here is the race bag and the gear:


Those of you that have seen me do this will note how much sweeter this is than in north america:

1) the bags are mesh not plastic.  Nice!  They are screened with your number, (so pro) but not labelled (huh?) - so i am assuming they are clever and that blue means bike bag and red means run bag -- i will let you know if that turns out to be false and if i am too clever. 

2) the cap is silicon and screened with my number, no magic marker here!  So pro!

3) the bike frame number is a sticker designed to go around the seat post. 

4) you get a race belt

5) the timing chip is gigantic -- so i assume i can update facebook with it from the course. 

6) there are no special needs bags (you have to do it on race a.m.  i am still confused about this)

7) they dont put IM WA on everything so that you can reuse it.  i like that.

So Pro:



So today i did media (no one really wanted to talk to me since i am not Australian), although it was pointed out that i was the highest place Kona finisher from the last 2 years in the race (thank god someone noticed) and that i might be the dark horse.  but that still wasnt enough to make up for the fact that i am not australian and dont understand cricket. 

I then sat in drug patrol, but wasnt called -- so no peeing in a cup for me. 

a few more details about the race:

the bike goes along the ocean where it has been super windy, and then into a forrest... which i wish was thicker, but its still pretty:


the run goes on along streets, the beach and a bike path with the peppermint trees.  it is pretty:


i am contemplating doing the race in this:


Here is Luke being pro while we get coffee,  yes i spilled some of mine (not pro)


i want to open a bike shop exactly like the fat duck.  like most shops in Australia it is a bike shop AND a cafe combined:


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