Friday, October 22, 2010

Say It With Charts

That’s actually a title of a book I have.  It turned into a joke with other analysts (I do math you know and some thinking but mostly math for a job), which is nearly as nerdy as wearing a t-shirt with code on it.  The worst I got was using the random function in Excel to make this quote generator using a co-workers most over-used phrases, combined with a picture of him into a sort of fun little nerd-analyst funny joke thing.  So I’ll claim the work below as mine because it’s super clever but it honestly isn’t, but I still think it’s awesome. 

But first…

We got Sada dressed for her 2nd grade school pictures and she was wearing pink (which IS NOT her favorite color now) sweater and a white shirt.  She took one look at herself and yelled ‘I LOOK LIKE A BUTLER’.  And insisted on changing her clothes.  I don’t even know where to start with that one.  Yes, a butler.

I also went out to lunch and managed to dump an entire cup of coffee all over a fancy white linen table cloth which I covered up with lots of linen napkins as I ran out of the restaurant like it was T2.  Except faster and I had a hamburger in my stomach. 

So here.









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