Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Fall Update

I feel like writing this blog is like a quarterly update now.  I’m sort of training but more busy than ever. 

Phone 017

We got a new cat and found egg nog in the store.  This called for a family photo.  I tried to name the cat Steve Prefontaine, but it’s a girl so we named it Honey but then Greta mocked me for calling her Honey in the same way her aunt says ‘honey’ which I guess she doesn’t like so I named it Jake. 

We we to a resort called Suncadia for a wedding (which was awesome and fun).  They have a fun little aquatic center but the chlorine in the pool was so bad my eyes burned and I never even got into the water.  I just yelled at my girls from the side of the pool and wished I had worn my goggles or a chemical mask.


See, wedding clothes.  Piper cared more about the 12 caramel apples on the table than anything else.

The Ironman.  It happened. 

Because we were at a wedding, I got to see PART of the Ironman online but then had to rely on text updates from Scott, Ian, Greg and Dr. Phil Spencer.  Last year I was in Canada where text messages are like $0.50 each, so I paid less attention to it.  This year I was as engaged in text updates as I could be – and somewhere between the toasts and Bride dancing with the Father of the Bride dance, Macca won (and BTW I was ONLY texting on MY time, not like doing it during the exchange of the vows).  And then I was getting pace updates on Rhae from Phil and then he admitted to buying those barefoot running things from Vibram.  We’re not speaking as a result.

I must have checked Rhae “I Will Orange Crush You” Shaw (4th), Marc “I like You” Malott (26th) and Meredith Kessler’s (26th) times 3,021 times each.  Eventually the tracking site will create something to allow you to track multiple folks at once. 

Because I had to do something to celebrate not being there and cheering for those people, I thought I could drink 140.6 beers (140.6 miles is the distance of an Ironman).  I considered this until I got to beer #2 at 6pm I think and realized I was going to miss the midnight cutoff, so I switched the rules to oz.  140.6 oz sounded doable over the course of a day, just under 12 beers.  Except I got side tracked with watching the whole wedding thing and fell behind around mile… 24.  It got messy as I surged and threw down the hammer around 10pm, knocking out 48 oz in an hour but the pacing messed me up and as I got into the energy lab portion of the effort, I knew I wouldn’t make it.  I DNF’d at 96oz, which for a light drinker hitting the Oktoberfest beer Spaten – a good effort.   Next year I’m switching to Bud Light. 

But now I’m fat and training again, eating as little as I can and bonking on my rides nearly all the time.  I’ll probably fix this since I nearly went blind yesterday I was so bonked which led me to almost hit a runner going around a blind-ish corner.  Rhae thought riding until I was blind was pretty tough except I did it in <40 miles.  Water is a poor source of nutrition I think.

I also had a black cat run out on front of me which left a sort of lump in my stomach as I waited for the bad luck.  The bad luck immediately followed the black cat in the form at a super-sized Marmaduke looking dog chasing the black cat followed by an even more super-sized owner of the dog chasing him.  This all happened as I was heading down a hill going about 30mph.  None were Chinese.

Then a Chinese lady pulled out in her Camry, oblivious to me missing her by a few feet.

And then my Power Tap died.  But I fixed it with new batteries in the hub.  I think it’s made in China.  The batteries are.

Then Greg got hit by a Chinese couple, oblivious to him as they pulled into a parking spot. 

And now I think it’s time to say that I don’t believe that the Chinese are the best drivers out there.  I’ll vote in the next election for the person who says they can fix that.

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plain-jane said...

I can help track multiple folks at once - just ping me if you need it done for a race.