Friday, September 3, 2010

The Road

The following was blurted out the other day as we were getting out of the truck and Baby Viking (aka Piper who also likes to be called Kyley or Baby Viking) has no shoes on and she’s standing in the driveway.  Her sister who will respond to Christofferson or Sada said the driveway was too rough for her:

The road is not ouchy for me

- Piper

Now, if I can get inspiration from that – I can surely race a few more days this season.  But we’ll see.  Because for me sometimes the road is ouchy. 

She also said while playing with Sada ‘THIS ISN’T SPIT TOWN’, which means, you cannot get spit on me playing this game because somewhere along the line I made it ok to lick someone’s arm in order to get them off of your head, chest or back.  It works, try it.

I swam today and witnessed a crazy Chinese man doing some sort of dance in the shower – shaking his giblets and waving his arms in front of him like he was doing a jr varsity version of the macarena.  I wanted to tell him that if you jump on one leg and hold your head to the side the water comes out.  I told this to the kids and they didn’t believe me.  I also don’t think they could do it without laughing and falling over. 

Then I ran and let’s just say I’m not super fast.  Like today for instance, I was running easy and ran 7:45-8 min miles. 


Then I see these 2 brothers because they looked alike and were both on too-small a mtn bike and they had on retarded helmets and they were both riding slower than I was running ON A DEAD FLAT ROAD.  I passed them and am here to inform you that I have now seen the queen bee of all nerds.  These guys were both dying riding up a slight incline and I swear they were using hand signals in the middle of nowhere and then I saw them use a crosswalk and I just felt bad.  I’m sure they’ll both make excellent money some day, but really people – push your kids a little now and then because it just wasn’t pretty to see 2 humans, this fragile and so nerdy.  The road will be ouchy for them.

And that is that. 

And here is a notice my friend Matt saw.

paty moor

No chip, no scuse.

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Mojdeh said...

I bet your friend "matt" saw that post on fail blog. Funny blog!