Monday, September 20, 2010

Are You Pro?

Phone 023

I stole this from Rhae Shaw who immediately calls, texts or emails when the ‘absoulte rediculous’ happens anywhere in her world.

Example (her words):

"Bike Lesson: Spilling Orange Crush (counts as a serving of fruit in my book!) all over yourself (PIGPEN!) and riding through a lemon grove is equivalent to poking a beehive repeatedly with a short stick while holding a bushel of geraniums. So unless you have a fully automatic EpiPen on hand, I STRONGLY recommend keeping your bike jersey zipped all the way up, regardless of how hot and dehydrated you are (too bad you missed your mouth with the pop you dumb tart).

Failure to do so will result in being repeatedly stung in the area with the highest concentration of sticky soda: your left boob. On the plus side, with zero money wasted on bogus lotions and without expensive surgery, you too can have a Pamela Anderson sized chest. But only on one side. And it will be really itchy. Hey no one said being well endowed was easy, just ask poor Pamela…"

Like Piper, when Rhae speaks she’s usually laughing, so I don’t often have any idea what she just said until I listen to a v-mail about 32 times or just ask her in email what she was talking about.  For instance I got a voice mail telling me about a bad day and I understood was literally the following:

  • It’s Rhae
  • Bad Day
  • Firetruck
  • Hello Kitty
  • Avocado
  • Hitchhiking

So with that, I pass along this video of the professional women racing that she sent, in email, which I understood. 

Now this is a women’s sport that I could watch.  Be sure to watch the whole thing. 


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Chris Tremonte said...

I liked the girl who rode off with her shoe dangling from her rear skewer... and... and... THERE it is! on the road! Yay!

So these girls had pro-looking kits on, but most of them looked like they'd never done a flying mount before. What up wit dat??