Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Did Art

Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953)Between swimming right after the Senior Swim group and going to the symphony and turning 39, I pretty much call those folks 59 and a half ‘my people’. Now see… gave away the punch and story line – I went to the symphony. 

I’m not a stranger to the symphony but I don’t go as often as I should (once every decade) because the music IS good and it’s art which like anything else, is pretty hard when you’re at the top of the game. 

And yea, I did sit there going, these people are the easily the artistic equivalent of sub 2:30 marathoners.

So we went out for a quick dinner about 45 mins before the concert started, which was pretty impressive – showing up at a restaurant without reservations, getting a table and then saying ‘um, we need to be out of here in 40 mins’.  Even more impressive was that it worked and we didn’t looking like cartoons shoving food in our pie-holes and then running out the door.

I think the symphony is the last place in Seattle where people actually respect the work enough to look nice, it’s also the only place where if you’re under 60, you feel out of place.  But it wasn’t terrible and neither were our seats – it was just shocking to see no one wearing a Seattle Mariners hat, a Seahawks jersey and not a single pair of jeans. 

We went to see Yefim Bronfman Plays Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No. 2 which we didn’t actually see.  But we did see the first 3 pieces:

Joseph Schwantner: The Poet’s Hour…a soliloquy for violin and strings "reflections on Thoreau" {World Premiere}

Foote: Francesca da Rimini

Brahms: Symphony No. 3 in F major, Op. 90

With iPods and CDs’s and all of the ways we have to enjoy music, the symphony is pretty different.  The sound is amazing – even with all of the old people coughing at the quiet parts.  The hard part is knowing when it’s over or when it’s close to being over or where you are in the whole thing.  The first 2 pieces were good, not too long and because we had just sat down – the hard parts of our bottoms were not yet sound asleep.  The couple next to us in the box to the left were soundly slumbering by the time Brahms got his fair shake.  And that’s when we were sort of wanting to do some crunches or a short run.  Given the length, we could have done both.  The Brahms was good, but it was 4 parts and although I studied music I sort of got lost and just clapped when other people did and listened in between. 

G liked the big oboe.  And yea, it’s also called a bassoooon. 

Then the best part –the intermission in the founder’s room. 

So if you know someone or someone fancy knows you, you can get a pass to the founder’s room which has…. free nuts, dove chocolates and red/white wine!  The hard part was finding it – but not really.  We were told where it was but also alternatively, follow the old people walking really fast. 

They were spot on.  We saw walkers, canes, wheel chairs, rascal scooters and all sorts of hunchbacked ladies throwing down a solid 10 min mile pace to the free wine and nuts.  We got to the room and were shocked to see a room full of people talking to each other and not a single familiar glow of people on their phones or texting or checking the weather or logging into some site saying ‘I’m here being somewhat more important than 2,000 other people with my iPhone’.  I think it was the less than noble quality of the wine or the fact that it was 9pm but we were beat and made a halftime call to forfeit and head home.  Because it’s classical music and 2,003 people care about it, you can hear the concert live on the radio and that was when our call to go was just perfect. 

I think it’s best to probably compare Prokokfiev to Iron Maiden.  There is some good stuff and there is some other stuff that doesn’t work for everyone because there are a lot of notes and it’s loud and I’m pretty sure someone was angry and it’s a lot to absorb on a Thursday night after 9pm.  Plus, I’m not keen on communists.  Ever.

So there.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Are You Pro?

Phone 023

I stole this from Rhae Shaw who immediately calls, texts or emails when the ‘absoulte rediculous’ happens anywhere in her world.

Example (her words):

"Bike Lesson: Spilling Orange Crush (counts as a serving of fruit in my book!) all over yourself (PIGPEN!) and riding through a lemon grove is equivalent to poking a beehive repeatedly with a short stick while holding a bushel of geraniums. So unless you have a fully automatic EpiPen on hand, I STRONGLY recommend keeping your bike jersey zipped all the way up, regardless of how hot and dehydrated you are (too bad you missed your mouth with the pop you dumb tart).

Failure to do so will result in being repeatedly stung in the area with the highest concentration of sticky soda: your left boob. On the plus side, with zero money wasted on bogus lotions and without expensive surgery, you too can have a Pamela Anderson sized chest. But only on one side. And it will be really itchy. Hey no one said being well endowed was easy, just ask poor Pamela…"

Like Piper, when Rhae speaks she’s usually laughing, so I don’t often have any idea what she just said until I listen to a v-mail about 32 times or just ask her in email what she was talking about.  For instance I got a voice mail telling me about a bad day and I understood was literally the following:

  • It’s Rhae
  • Bad Day
  • Firetruck
  • Hello Kitty
  • Avocado
  • Hitchhiking

So with that, I pass along this video of the professional women racing that she sent, in email, which I understood. 

Now this is a women’s sport that I could watch.  Be sure to watch the whole thing. 


Friday, September 3, 2010

The Road

The following was blurted out the other day as we were getting out of the truck and Baby Viking (aka Piper who also likes to be called Kyley or Baby Viking) has no shoes on and she’s standing in the driveway.  Her sister who will respond to Christofferson or Sada said the driveway was too rough for her:

The road is not ouchy for me

- Piper

Now, if I can get inspiration from that – I can surely race a few more days this season.  But we’ll see.  Because for me sometimes the road is ouchy. 

She also said while playing with Sada ‘THIS ISN’T SPIT TOWN’, which means, you cannot get spit on me playing this game because somewhere along the line I made it ok to lick someone’s arm in order to get them off of your head, chest or back.  It works, try it.

I swam today and witnessed a crazy Chinese man doing some sort of dance in the shower – shaking his giblets and waving his arms in front of him like he was doing a jr varsity version of the macarena.  I wanted to tell him that if you jump on one leg and hold your head to the side the water comes out.  I told this to the kids and they didn’t believe me.  I also don’t think they could do it without laughing and falling over. 

Then I ran and let’s just say I’m not super fast.  Like today for instance, I was running easy and ran 7:45-8 min miles. 


Then I see these 2 brothers because they looked alike and were both on too-small a mtn bike and they had on retarded helmets and they were both riding slower than I was running ON A DEAD FLAT ROAD.  I passed them and am here to inform you that I have now seen the queen bee of all nerds.  These guys were both dying riding up a slight incline and I swear they were using hand signals in the middle of nowhere and then I saw them use a crosswalk and I just felt bad.  I’m sure they’ll both make excellent money some day, but really people – push your kids a little now and then because it just wasn’t pretty to see 2 humans, this fragile and so nerdy.  The road will be ouchy for them.

And that is that. 

And here is a notice my friend Matt saw.

paty moor

No chip, no scuse.