Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Very Bad Day

Today was the first day of school and for Piper – her first bus ride too!  It pretty much went downhill from basically, um… dawn.


See, they’re happy – except it’s raining.  Bad.


Here’s The G getting the kids on the bus, the wrong bus. Bad.

Note: they said the but will be there at 8:52am, but then also said, it could be 5 mins early.  Then this bus shows up at OUR STOP exactly 5 mins early.  So the girls get on and the G says ‘is this the bus to Lakeridge’ and the driver says ‘yes’.  But ‘yes’ means ‘no’ in this case.

So not knowing that yes means no, I raced ahead to their school because Sada didn’t know where her classroom was and I wanted to be sure Piper didn’t get lost – somehow I did it by myself as a kid but on this small island I’m pretty sure my kids won’t live without my leadership. 

So I watch ALL the kids come to school and soon, there are no busses and my kids aren’t there and school starts.  So I cried. 

But I really didn’t, but it makes for a better story.

So I’m crying and the Principal comes out and I tell him.  Long story short and this bus pulls up and in the front seat on a completely empty bus are my two kids! 


Then I get them to their classes and go home.

Then they have to take a bus to their afterschool program at another elementary school down the street. 

They get on the right bus!

Sada and Piper sit together.  Awesome.

Sada gets off and tells her sister to get off.  Except Piper doesn’t.

The bus drives off.

With Piper on the bus by herself. 

So Sada panics.

And Piper rides this bus to the end of the route.  By herself.  And her sister is gone.

But they’re pretty good at tracking these things and the school calls the bus driver and Piper gets her second yellow-limousine ride by herself. 

And that was pretty much the worst day I think a pair of sisters could have.

I’ve had races almost this bad, but not really.  See, really nice tie-in to triathlon. 

Then I got a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks (good) but found out that the beer I opened last night was left all alone and I forgot to drink it (very very bad). 

So there.

PS and if that wasn’t sad enough, Sada says ‘I got off the bus and looked for Piper and I saw her on the bus driving away from me’.  (insert crying parent if you think that makes for a better story).


Kelly said...

i was just put on a bus by myself when i was in Kindergarten and then i got off at the wrong stop at the end of the day and started crying because no one was there.

in retrospect, it was kind of crazy, they were like oh you're five, figure it out, have fun

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Wow, that's a tough day for pretty much everyone - kids, parents and even the bus drivers.