Monday, August 23, 2010

To Be

A triathlete or not? 

Man.  I’m tired.  And cranky.

Mostly I’m tired of not doing as well as I should be and I’m tired of having mediocre results this year.  I haven’t really even set a top 5 bike in nearly every race – it’s sad. 

I’d prefer to be a normal American (pictured) right now – watch sports, work & hang with the family in between bags of chips and hot pockets. 

I’m annoyed by not going fast. 

So I had a bar of chocolate and some Cheetos to see how that would work for me (note: it didn’t fix anything)

I suppose I’ll give it one more race this season before I bag it.  I should have been raised to be happy with just participating because then I could call it a season – it didn’t start great, it didn’t go well in the beginning, middle and now the end is looking bleak.  I suppose this perseverance would garner me a small party with hearty ‘you did it’s’ but triathletes are stupid and don’t quit easily and are stubborn and somewhere in there - competitive with themselves.  So I’m going to have a nice Pinot and sleep on it.  It would be terrible to waste all of those new PR’s and hard work.  Though it would be nice to just spend the fall in Z1/2 and think of 2011.


I rode around the island we live on at sunrise and then took a shower with Barbie, Ken, a handful of dinosaurs, washed with Barbie Body Gel and dried off with a frog towel – complete with hood, webbed feet and eyes.  I’m less cranky now because who could be after all that?  I still feel like the guy in the photo except I would have on a nice belt and something that said Under Armour on it.   

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