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Lake Sammamish Triathlon and other stuff and poop

Aug2008 122On Sat I did the Lake Sammamish triathlon and of course the Seattle weather did not disappoint.  I think it was 56, keeping alive my string of all sub-60 degree races this year.  The water was actually a dozen degrees warmer! 

Because it was a race, I tried something new after last weekends heave-a-thon on the run, no food/gel and just a little water.  Instead I just used some Excedrin which was about 120-130 mg of caffeine or 2.5 cups worth. 

Once you take this, you have about 25 mins or so before it hits and then hold on.  Well, one of the police were not in the right place, so we had to wait a bit in the water for this and of course, the caffeine hits me BEFORE I start.  Which was awesome.

I started with my HR about 20 or 500 beats higher than normal and after about the first 150 yards, I swear I was being water-boarded.  Ever breath I took got water down my throat and I felt like I was going to drown, which usually won’t happen when you’re wearing a wetsuit – so I stopped, got the water out of my lungs and got back to it.  People have been jailed for a swim like that but I’m pretty sure my family has a lot of shame.

So I salvaged my entire race with yet another #1 T1 (I’m the only person who actually cares about this) which probably restores all of my family’s pride.  After all, getting out of a rubber pant-suit faster than anyone is a great skill to have. Practice with your own pants each night before bed if you struggle at races, just warn everyone why you’re racing around the house with jeans around your knees and swim cap/goggles on. 

So I got out on the bike and passed a dozen or more folks – getting sideways with some sand in one corner and then a bit caddywompus with my front tire slipping sideways (a truly exciting experience early in the morning).  It felt squishy, I rode – tried to see if it was going flat, it felt like it – so I pulled over, stopped and checked my tire.  Must have been the lightly moisturized roads and the 130psi tires I was rolling – but my wheels were way slickery.  I got going again – but had to re-pass a small battalion of guys who zipped by. 

side note: when the race is a sprint, you honestly don’t need 2 water bottles and a Bento Box of gels, really you don’t folks – but I saw a lot of this and someone had to say something.  actually, you don’t even need a gel or even water, you also don’t need a bucket and bag and a sherpa worth of stuff to complete the race. 

I only got passed by the guy who won the race, so I didn’t feel too terrible about it.  Top 10 bike, ok but not what I was doing last year – I went faster at Vineman 70.3 over 56 miles than I did over 14.  I rolled in with about 22.7mph avg.

Got back to T2, couldn’t feel my feet and struggled to get my shoe on.  I could have finished a small brunch in the time it took me to get out on the run – but as I noted above, it’s a sprint and a bunch wasn’t necessary. 

I got out with 3 guys about 100 yards ahead – local TV celebrity John Curley being one of them.  It turns out that we both sound like we are in labor when running – not sure who was louder but I think it was me because I throw in a lot of ‘heck-hems’ as my lungs try and exit my body with each breath. 

Then I got passed by fellow Microsoftie Pedro Ardila who was gone as quickly as he came up.  I only know ‘wet floor’ in Spanish, so I couldn’t say anything encouraging, so I just kept running in English and mostly because he was gone.  I didn’t throw up and I finished.  20th out of 550 and 2nd in my AG.  Both the drowning and stopping for the mythical flat tire cost me a good minute and a half, which in a sprint race is about 10 places. Running a sloth-like 7:06 pace wasn’t going to help either.  Yay bacon! 

After the race I got to chat with Pedro and blog reader and other fellow Microsoftie Amadeo Casas Cuadrado whose name alone makes me feel slower.  These guys finished 7th and 16th.  Nice job!  Piso Mojado (I know more French, I swear).  Sorry fellas. 


But it wasn’t because I raced home and then took the family to the Barnum and Bailey circus, which was pretty much awesome. 

  1. The pictures of elephants being beaten held by protesters shouting at people as we waited in line was a nice warm up for the kids. If you look on their site which provides a lot of info about their animal care, so I don’t know their particular purpose except to try and make me feel bad but then after I ate a dozen hot wings, I didn’t feel bad except there are like 6 chickens out there who will never fly.
  2. Circus clowns aren’t scary, even up close. I think it’s just local clowns who do birthday parties that make people sick.  The G hates clowns. 
  3. Seeing the circus in a really not-fit area like the Seattle-Everett region means the whole fat lady of the circus isn’t so interesting.  They sprinkle them around like confetti so you get a few in each row. 
  4. The bearded lady.  See #3, fewer of them in the crowd but enough of them made it less of a novelty. 
  5. There was a midget in the circus and it was weird.  He rode a motorcycle, but a little one.
  6. Most of the time I think I was waiting for someone to get really hurt or killed, it was non-stop entertainment and sequins (tri-suits need way more sequins, something I’ll consider for 2011).
  7. The kids didn’t move for 2 hours and they were exhausted. 
  8. It was probably the best value of entertainment there – $10 for kids and $20 for adults and we were in row 5.  The $9 drinks sort of over the top especially since they were not even cocktails.  But the Elephant cups were awesome.  Still a good deal. 
  9. The highlight, well sort of, was the elephant who pooped for about 30 seconds straight in front of us.  The girls thought it was awesome.
  10. The non-highlight was nana or someone’s nana who must have got up 392,291 times during the show and kept getting lost when she’d return – going down the wrong row until she noticed, then went back into the right row –making a solid 92 people get up and down each time.  At least we got some exercise in.


Was the rest of the racing this weekend – I only wish having fast friends helped:

  • Ben: 1st San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz
  • Courtenay: 6th San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz
  • Kelly: 8th San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz
  • Erich: 1st AG, 15th OA San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz (age group nats in 26 days!)
  • Meredith: 1st Pro Ironman Canada! 

From Meredith: and by the way if you’re in San Francisco area: Tyler Stewart and Meredith are doing a 4 hour 47min indoor charity ride at Velo SF on Sept 11th.  Proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Fund and The David Finney Foundation for Parkinson's.

If you know anyone interested, let me know and they can ping me personally.  My main goal is to get about 40 people...20 in each studio.  Tyler and I will both be in a studio and will switch 1/2 way through.  It's going to be great!!!!!

Rhae gets nothing for trying to do a half ironman on 200 calories.  Awesome but no.  Piper suggested she tried applesauce and orange chips (aka Doritos) when I asked her what Rhae should eat to go faster. 

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