Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lake Samish Triathlon


I should stop doing these races with swimming or anything beyond a 50 yard noodle float.

The driest part of the race was the swim – it poured from registration at 6am to the end.  So it just wasn’t that much fun.

I did swim 1.5 mins faster than last year, sort of putting out a lot of effort to swim next to this brontosaurus of a man – so I pulled in behind him and it was like I was floating down a stream with a cocktail.  When the highlight of my race is the swim, that isn’t good.

The course was sort of rolling and not easy to create any momentum – at least I didn’t.  I was a half minute off my time from last year – despite being much stronger, mentally it wasn’t any fun.  I did come out of the water around 32n’d and finished the bike in 16th OA– so I did catch a few people enjoying the weather even less.  I had the #2 bike split last year but the 7th fastest split this year. 

I ran ok, but again a good 30 seconds slower than last year which I suppose isn’t that bad since I was training 2x as much and weighed a good 10lbs less. 

I actually ran down 2 people but got passed with 1k to go (the only race I have done with kilometer markers – despite every race being 5k or 10k, they still mark the miles) buy one person.  I was 15th overall and 4th in my age group.

It wasn’t pretty. 

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Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Ok, I'll stop feeling sorry for my fog-encased self if you're racing in the rain in August. Yuck. Sorry it was no fun - glad you didn't crash.