Monday, August 23, 2010

Beaver Lake Triathlon–the BLT

I apparently missed something when I signed up for the BLT.  There was no bacon anywhere.  I have an excuse before even starting to mention results: I’m not really very fast. 

High points:

  • I swam the course 2x before the race – so I got some yards in
  • I got a free cup(s) of Starbucks before the race
  • I finished
  • I passed a girl on the run from the Elite wave
  • I hit 45mph on the bike course and didn’t crash
  • #1 in T1
  • I felt like I was going to have a decent race
  • Downhills
  • I was home by 10:30 with Jamba Juice in hand
  • I saw someone with a giant cooler in the transition area

Low Points:

  • I didn’t have a decent race
  • I stopped on the swim because around yard 209 I decided to switch my breathing and exhale on the side and inhale facing down (this is often described as ‘not an efficient swim method’ by some)
  • I put my left shoe on twice in T2 (Rusty warned me about those innnersoles)
  • I ran 7:23 pace in a SPRINT which featured….
  • Dry heaving 4x on the run (see #2 above ‘I got a free cup of Starbucks before the race’) and it really hurts
  • Uphills
  • finishing 31st
  • Being chicked
  • The following conversation with my daughter:

Sada: did you win (in the past I have, even setting a course record)

Me: no

Sada: maybe you need to train more

Me: are you really 7 or just Satan?

So there.

It’s a fact that I’m over-trained but I figured that out when my HR was 120 while laying in bed.  Then after reviewing my symptoms, it was confirmed by Greg who said to pretty much do nothing but rest.  I’ve got a race every week, except for the week that I have 3 races in 2 days – so supposedly this is enough intensity that I don’t have to do much.  I’ve sent 8 PR’s over the past month in the pool, 3 on the bike and I’ve dropped about 12lbs and 4% body fat over the past 8 weeks (see Tremote if you’re interested in how to do that).  


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

12 lbs in 8 weeks. Wow. That's some serious calorie burn. I love your daughter's comment - that would crush me.

Bruther said...

love your posts but "greg" no longer has a blog apparently

Kelly said...

sada is probably right