Thursday, July 8, 2010

So I’m on Vacation

IMG_3277But before I left, I threw a bunch of bike rides in because I wasn’t bringing a bike and we all know that in like 6 days you can lose all of your muscle and fitness and you age 2 years.  So I thought it would be awesome to go ride my mtn bike for 2-3 hours and do lots of climbing and 400w efforts up Tiger Mtn.  But then there’s that whole downhill part that I haven’t done in years.  So I hit the singletrack with the timidity of a small little tiny baby girl.  I did ok, despite the fact that the trail that I had ridden a good 100 times has been so eroded by water that the rocks that were 6 in drop offs have turned into bigger rocks with 18 in drop offs and more roots and steeper and wetter.  I made it almost to the end where I got braver and though I could negotiate this switchback that was a tight S with a few roots/rocks and a drop of about 2 feet.  Well, I flipped over the bars and laid there on the ground a bit making sure I was all in one piece – probably my first flip ever where I didn’t worry about my bike. 

I wrecked my hip good – a nice massive set of cuts that looked like a bear got me, framed by bruised skin and I swear it’s swollen a good bit out.  This made for a comfortable red-eye flight. 

Then as we boarded we (Sada and me) had our own row, but it turns out we had seats right in front of a kid who wouldn’t stop talking.  And he was loud and annoying. I think he was about 8 and had just met the woman next to him who was cursing her seat choice.  His dad was an ex military pilot.  He knew the rules of moose hunting for both residents and non residents in Alaska.  He went on and on about how he visited 11 countries in Europe and asked the lady ‘have you spent anytime in Europe’ and she still engaged this kid but just barely.  He sounded exactly like the character George Bailey from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ – but when he was a kid, not an adult.  He just about finished his monologue with his exposition on Sarah Palin and around 11:30pm (one hour after we took off) ended the night with his latest concern ‘I think I’ll either play hockey professionally or be a pilot like my dad’ and with this, I wanted to re-enact that scene in ‘It’s a wonderful life’ where George’s boss (the pharmacist) gets all liquored up and smacks george in the head and bloodies his ear.  I probably would have gone for 2 ears if I could have.  Honestly kid, it’s 11:30pm at night and the lights are OFF in the plane and you’re STILL TALKING like you’re in a disco. 

Then I got to NH and it was 95 degrees.  And I thought with 3 hours of sleep and being perfectly dehydrated that it would be awesome to go run and get in some intervals so I did.  At the 3.5 mile mark, I had tossed my toast and suffered the next two miles, walking the final mile or so.  Then I napped.

Then I noticed I had bruises on my shoulder, neck and hip.  Ouch. 

So now I’m writing this instead of running because yesterday I ran more but it was still mid 90’s and I am still sore.  But I’ll run later. 

And Sada hasn’t gotten out of the pool for more than sleep and a few meals. 

The picture above is from my great July 4th super-idea.  Let’s go hiking on Mt Rainier! Except there was 6-8 feet of snow and it was 41 degrees and we drove like 4 hours total and all we did was get cold and spend $30 on a chilli dog and a hamburger. 

My camera broke yesterday too.

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