Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nutrition 53 Works. I’m Not Kidding

I have tried everything I think.  At least I think I’ve tried everything that you see advertised in the tri-geek magazines that say will do something positive and awesome for you.  Everything from vitamins to of course the 32x caffeine gels to the recovery drinks.  I think I was dropping at LEAST $200 a month last year on triathlon food or supplements or vitamins and such.  As you probably know, some of it sort of works a tiny bit, but eating good food and training smart and having a power meter are pretty much all you really need.  It’s not THAT hard.  So this year I don’t use any products except for a few really basic ones that I won’t go without – my favorite being my Nutrition 53 Neuro 1. 

(BTW: the only other ones are Cytomax, Hammer Nutrition Sustained Energy, Base Amino/Base Water and 1st Endurance Pre-Race).

Since I work full time – I have to be up around 4:30-4:40am to get myself ‘mentally’ ready to hop on a bike and ride 90 mins and put in some efforts over 400 watts, either that or I need to brave a swarm of senior citizens at the pool at 5:30.  The biggest hurdle most of these days is preparing myself to actually make these good workouts and get the most of them at that ridiculous hour.  Sometimes I can do the AM workouts but find myself a bit tired to do the afternoon run hill workout where I really need to go hard but just am not motivated.  This is where I rely on Neuro 1.  I buy this stuff in the tub so I can use as much or as little as I want, but they did give me a bunch of samplers – to find the best flavor (there are a few). 

This is what they say it does:

Turbo-charges memory, focus, and recall

Improves concentration in school and work

Boosts Mental Energy and Intensity

Increases Stamina and Energy for Sports

Improves Mood and Well Being

Protects Long Term Brain Health

Now I’m not big on the marketing copy here – like ‘turbo-charging memory’ because after having it, I still can’t remember stuff – but you sort of get the point – points 2,3,4, and 5 are all honestly true and you’d notice it in your first try. It really helps improve the mood and focus like nothing out there.  It doesn’t make you shaky or wigged out like a Red Bull or 3 shots of espresso might – but it does wake you up and gets you prepared to do the work – whether on the bike, on the run or in the pool.  You’ll also note from the link above that Courtenay also uses this stuff!  It’s a great pre-race drink – it mixes without chunks, the Orange Cream is pretty tasty and I’ve never had a stomach issue with it in any race – sprint distance or 70.3. 

I even use this at work – where I basically do math and statistics and look for correlations that you probably wouldn’t normally find unless you were just a hair away from being Rainman.  That’s sort of what I do but when I’m dragging – I’ll even bust out a Neuro 1 at work where I can squeeze out a little more mental effort dealing with over a million numbers at a time.

So there.

If you become a friend on Facebook, they usually have discounts on their stuff. 

And if you got this far, you’ll be delighted to know I’ve dropped 10lbs in 4 weeks using a new program that Chris Tremonte has been working on where I’ve become sort of a guinea pig.  I dropped about 4% body fat and not once have I been hungry, in fact I eat bacon.  Sometimes.

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