Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trophy Wives

I don’t have a whole bunch of anything but I’ll be forgotten or something if I don’t write regularly. 

I got sick, which I think means I’m done being sick again until January – but it also means I’m back on antibiotics and I missed a week of riding/running/swimming and I’m probably ‘off’ my regular plan for a good 14 days total.  After a week of nothing, I did run today.  I’ll also miss 2 tris as a result of being sick or being on antibiotics (which if you didn’t know, take the edge right off of your ability to swim/bike/run or even play pool with any vigorous effort). 

I went easy in Z2, which I found out after running for 6-8 weeks in Z3, that I was off by 8 beats, which doesn’t sound like a lot but running at HR 158 beats is a lot easier than running at HR 166 x 6 times a week for 6 weeks.  It sort of explains why I wasn’t really feeling awesome running and why I have gone a bit flat lately.  It’s like finding out you can drive with more than 2 gears in the car.  Soooooooooo…..

I ran, HR 158, sort of easy but since I’m sick and it was hot this sort of changes things and so I mix HR with ‘feel’ and I felt like it was easy and it was 160. 

Ok, then I ran for like an hour and it was warm out an I saw a guy ahead of me and then I went just a little faster and it felt a little harder, like ‘a little’, not ‘a bunch’ and my hr was 180-185 and it still felt ‘easy’ and this is how you know you’re sick or you’re going to die. 

But I did catch and pass him. 

And I ran around Medina, which is where Bill Gates and all sorts of fancy people live. 

It’s sort of like Tiburon, but smaller and no one seems to go outside of their car and because it’s the Seattle area (yeah for cars!), no one says hi even if they’re out running in the sun because MOST people lack something here, manners or just general ‘niceness’. 

Then like Tiburon, there are a lot of Range Rovers with kids in them and the trophy wife at the helm.  Except in Tiburon, they are Trophy Wives, blond, fancy and nice looking and 30 something. 

In Medina, where people made their money in software or Seattle start ups, they’re Trophy Wives but more like bowling trophy wives.  Getting dressed to go out here is just a short hop from putting on pajamas. 

I’ve got a trophy family btw. and they’re blonde and pretty. See, she’s 4 in this picture.  Trophy kid.  Our dog is not included in that grouping.  He’s a moron but very good at bacon detection. 

IMG_2661 (2)

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