Monday, June 14, 2010

I’m a Bacon Girl


For those of you who know Piper, this wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary that comes out of her mouth – but this was her claim on the morning of her 5th birthday ‘Daddy, I’m a bacon girl’. 

Part of this comes from her observation of this sort of new thing I’m testing for a group – an athlete’s version of the Paleo diet.  The basics include replacing most of the empty calories with ones that provide more satiety and less likely to cause big changes in the insulin response – which is an issue for me.  So this includes eating things like bacon and eggs for breakfast – a new tradition that she loves.  I dropped 3lbs in a week with no drop in watts or pace or speed in the pool (I’m calling it speed). 

Anyhow she’s 5 and amazing.  And she loves Barbies.  So she got more Barbie stuff.

So this new Barbie stuff includes some sort of apartment and nearly every Barbie thing includes a Barbie cocktail glass.  This new thing includes a bar, a mixer, a flat panel TV, a bed and a shower/toilet.  If people are concerned about the message we send girls by idolizing Barbie, they should really be looking at this apartment of hers not her boobs, waist and shoe size.  With guys like Ken (btw the Ken in our house is wearing pink silk culottes because we don’t have Ken clothes) Barbie needs to pretty much keep the blender mixing in order to live with herself. 

The best part of her new Barbie apartment is of course the toilet. 

In about 5 mins of listening to the girls play, every Barbie (there are 17 of them on the floor) has gone pee at least twice – I suspect there’s a line like at any concert with people just about ready to die to get into the next Honey Bucket but I can’t see around the corner.  They’re well hydrated at least either that or they’re all pregnant. It’s possible that they’re pregnant because they’re always naked and only have cocktail glasses around except there’s that whole Ken wearing the pink silken culottes issue….  The two can’t mix for long before trouble starts.  This house would also be a reality show except Barbies never fight.

Regardless, Piper is awesome and she’s 5 and for anyone who has met her, they’ll probably agree that she’s unique and amazing.


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