Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don’t Count on Me

If you had kids or were a kid, there’s a pretty good chance (assuming your parents could count to 3) that you’ve been counted on.  By this I mean you are told to do something and probably by the 32nd time the person asking (mom or dad) got tired of asking and began to count: 1…..2…. 3 and presumably by 3, you’d get beat or hollered at or you did what you were supposed to do. 

So I say, please clean up your shoes, socks and coats.  89 times.

Because as soon as our kids get home, they thing it’s a strip show or transition area and they shed the coats as they run then immediately after come shoes and socks – all while running so like the Gulf oil spill, the stuff is everywhere. 

So, I have to count to get them to clean this stuff up. 

So after getting on Piper’s case about 302 times in one day for not doing ANYTHING I start counting: one……..TWO………..and THRRRRR, she gets tired of me counting down and yells ‘Don’t count on me daddy’.  Which I thought was funny.  Because I barely can.  Unless I suddenly need someone to yell ‘pee’ or ‘butt’.

It’s also the last week of school and the kids have lost their minds. 

I try to remember this and how much fun and how exciting is was but sometimes I forget.  I can tell how excited Piper gets because she says ‘pee’ and ‘butt’ with greater intensity as her general excitement about anything grows.  HEY LOOK AT MY BUTT or I THINK BARBIE HAS TO PEE, SHE HAS TO PEE OUT OF HER BUTT.  YOUR BUTT.  THERE IS PEE.  SEE HIS BUTT, I THINK HE HAS TO PEE.  And so on.

I would not recommend adopting this way to express your excitement unless you’re around 5 year olds a lot. 

They also get weird and this morning they were playing dog and I hear the girls telling each other to ‘quiet bark’ (which is a trick I taught Jack the wonder dog) and were scratching each other on the stomach and panting.  See, that’s weird.

Then for a Father’s day thing at Piper’s school, we did a scavenger hunt and then played on the playground.  Her special event is the swing.  I took about 100 pictures and noticed all of the funny expressions she makes while swinging – it’s clearly not just going back and forth but more of an emotional journey.  Most of the pictures are blurry but you can get the gist of what she’s doing.  It is amazing how insane someone looks swinging.  The 2nd one is my favorite, clearly this is the devil who has taken over her body.



And I’m sick. 

I had sort of a rotten swim just 1 day after taking 30 seconds off my PR for the hilly trail run around our neighborhood (2.5 miles).  It’s about 500 feet of elevation in 2.5 miles and muddy and with lots of roots, rocks and things to jump over. 

Then I felt like I got hit in the head with a bat on Tuesday night.  And felt worse since.  

So at this point, I’m not racing a double triathlon on Saturday AM unless I feel ridiculously better in the next 24 hours. 

Pee. Butt.

And yeah, this is how Greta dressed Sada for her track and field day:


NOTE: Greta said she had sporty shorts on underneath and to be fair, they did call it a picnic and not a track meet.

This is how Dad does it:


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Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I'm sick too and it's making me super cranky.

I think you're much more of a fashionista than your wife!