Thursday, May 6, 2010

Princess and the Wall

So I had this roommate who I called Princess.  He’s different from the other person I call Princess – even though he’s slightly faster.  I even accused this roommate of prancing at times which including a mock-prancing type of dance anytime someone mentioned him.  He trained and raced all the time and was a solid bike mechanic (his special talent was fixing anything with an old inner tube or part of one) and a good roommate until he met this girl. 

Most of us know these guys, who meets a girl and then disappears from our lives.  He married her so I suppose he’s excused, except I don’t know what happened to him.

So here’s a story anyhow.

So we were training, indoors because it’s Seattle and raining (soapbox alert).  Seattle, btw is horrible for everything except for working inside on a computer or for government programs and ongoing ‘studies’ of everything that reach conclusions like ‘we should definitely build a bridge across the lake because the current one is going to sink’.  This study of course was by a BLUE RIBBON PANEL of amazing people that took 5 years to figure this out.  Sorry… dismount box.

So we’re going through the workout, which I think we were making up as we went along.  We were doing this in my bedroom, which was about the size of a billiards table with my TV/VCR combo at the end.  I’m pretty sure we would have been watching the ‘94 tour where there was a big crash because of that policeman who was taking a picture.  I watched that video all the time.  The tours where nearly every rider is doping are so much better than these clean ones.  They climb everything going about 30.  And they don’t sweat or eat. 

We had been going at these intervals like a bunch of amateurs riding each other into the ground.  It’s at this point I should let you know that Princess is on rollers and I’m on a fixed rear wheel trainer (which I traded to Soda for some babysitting I think).

We’re doing some nasty wind up, probably to mimic one of the stage finishes and sure enough, Princess gets a little too far to the right of his rollers, hits the ground going well over 25mph and suddenly ROCKETS from 0mph on the carpet to 25mph in about 1 yard which ended about another yard later when his front wheel hits the wall and he flips over the bars, into the wall, followed by his bike with the notoriously smelly saddle.  If you’ve never seen anyone go from 25mph to 0mph as a result of a wall, it’s quite spectacular.  Even more fun was the nearly 5 mins of gut busting laughter and mockery I spewed.  To this day, I still laugh at this story which makes me look crazy if I happen to think of it while walking down the street or in the mall or while staring at my computer screen. 

An update to this story is my friend Jen who actually crashed her bike while riding a Computrainer.  Complete with chipped tooth, bruises and an ego that was nearly left for dead. 

I’m probably going to get whacked by karma now.

My dad broke some ribs falling on the green at a golf course once.  I don’t understand how this happened but it did.

So there.


Ben said...

What was the point of that? And I'm confused, was he faster or me? I'm hoping the nickname was passed on because I deserve it for being both fast and high maintenance, and not because you think I'm likely to crash into a wall indoors.

Anonymous said...

still have that trainer, I think it is in my parent's shed though, I have a nicer trainer now, one that doesn't feel like I am attempting to bike through sludge.