Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boys are dumb

IMG_2808I’d write about Z3, like that I think I spent a bunch of time in it yesterday but here’s a better story:

Sada:  Boys really like baseball

Me: Yes, except it isn’t as much fun as running

Sada: I’m a fast runner!…. Boys also like to burp a lot, they’re always burping at recess

Me: boys are sort of dumb

Sada: Yah, boys are dumb…(thinks) but you’re a boy.  But you’re really smart

(this is actually true)

Me: well, boys get smart after they’re 35. 

Sada: but you’re 38, so that is why you’re really smart.

There you go.  A conversation with a 6 year old.  Piper is now telling me about the food pyramid.  Apparently we’re not supposed to eat candy now that the 4 year old has learned that veggies and eggs are good for you. 

But wait there is more….

Yesterday I played in this during the work day cross-org softball game.  We showed up, there was beer and burgers and a free t-shirt. The other team brought cleats, everyone was clearly juiced (HGH I’m guessing) and they had bats, a bucket of balls and everyone had a glove.  We also brought Indians.  And if you think these guys are just good with computers – forget it.  Apparently everyone in India has played cricket.  I think we had 2 guys on our team who had NEVER played softball/baseball but they knew cricket.  They both hit well except in cricket you apparently carry the bat as you run. 

But in softball you don’t.  But no one told these guys. 

So they both hit, then take off carrying the bat around the bases.  This wouldn’t normally be a big deal but these guys flew around the bases (neither of them touched a single base in all of their base running) and trailing in their right arms are these 34” aluminum bats.  I swear 4 people nearly lost legs and elbows as they ran by and when they stopped running, they didn’t actually stand on base, I guess in cricket you can stand NEAR the base or whatever it is called.  

I went 2 for 3 btw.  Shallow hit to left was caught at my first at bat.  I had also forgotten how slow triathlon is, we get TIME to get out of the water, change into bike stuff and so on.  It seemed a lot to go from swinging a bat to running in just a half a second.  I think I might have referred to the batter’s box as T1 which was lost on everyone. 

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