Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Best Cry Ever and I Swam

So I last swam at Timberman 70.3 which was last YEAR in AUGUST.  Then I quit triathlon, then I un-quit, then I quit and then because I’m insane if I don’t do something, I un-quit.  Then I’ve been running and biking and then I raced.  I also built a tree house. 

Now, since I’m un-quit (that isn’t even close to being a real English word) and I’m signed up to race in a few weeks, I had to swim sometime.  I wanted to get some solid time running and biking in my legs first because I’m not going to get faster swimming but I will get faster in those other 2 sports.  So that is why I did that.  Plus I sort of hate swimming, but I don’t – I hate the thought of swimming, but it actually isn’t that bad.

Except the pool was 84 degrees because the senior citizens who get a discounted rate need it warmer even though old people won’t drive all over creation to find a pool that’s 3 degrees warmer – so they SHOULD make it 80 or 81 at the most.  Also, the guard said babies like it warmer but again, they’ll cry over just about anything and I’m guessing the poo critters that leaks out of their swimmies probably likes the warm temps too.  I’m sure I’ll have pink eye in a week. 

But I wasn’t the slowest and there were a lot of people swimming with their feet about 2ft below the water line – so that is encouraging in case there’s an impromptu swim meet at 5:30am some random Tues or Thurs – I’ll surely be up for the 25 yard relay or something short and not too exhausting.

So that’s it.  I was mostly nervous but I’m not sure why, I hopped into a pretty empty pool and fired up the slow lane and lasted 45 mins before my left arm stopped moving and my right arm went left.  But I’ll be back on Thursday for a few more yards.

With that I offer you the best cry ever. 

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