Monday, April 26, 2010

Mt Rainier Duathlon 2010

I honestly have had 2 weeks of solid training, like riding 5x a week and running at least 4x a week.  That’s 10 bike rides and 8 runs. Before that I went when I felt like it and didn’t have any structure. 

So I did this race anyhow just to see how my program is working:

  • Short bike but 4 out of the 5 rides each week are on a trainer for 1 hour, no more, no less but 100% pedaling and quality the whole time.
  • Short runs, 20-35 mins max, 90% of which are on trails and about 30% of which is spent going at some level of intensity. 
  • I start swimming next weekend….

That’s it, consistent quality.

Plus I weigh 190lbs but should be in the low 170s, so that sort of hurts.

The race was like 1.6 mile run, then 14.5 mile bike then 3.6 mile run.  My goal was to run under 8’s (seriously) and to bike under 45 mins (it was flat except for this ridiculously long hill).

So I did a decent warm up which I started doing last year, which is about 20 mins of easy jogging, like EASY, add in about 10x 10 second accelerations and then do just like 5 mins of ‘running’, stretch and start about 5-7 mins later.  So I did that. 

Then we were off.  Oh, it was 39-40 degrees.  They also said the roads were crappy and not to bring your fancy wheels, which I think only I paid attention to. 

I know that in the run bike run races, the first run is usually run poorly – like a group of people going full gas head out but within 10 mins they explode, so I just went easy and sped up as I warmed up.  Sure enough I caught a few people who blew and hopped on the bike sort of.  I ran a 6:45 pace which was below my goal, which I just made up because if I can’t run under 8’s for 1.6 miles I should be beat. 

Then the bike was flat but so were my legs.  I could not go over 23mph and looked down at my HRM and noticed that the big number (my HR) was basically stopped at the top of the zone I have BARELY trained in.  So it sat around 168-169. It felt like 2nd gear and I couldn’t catch or pass anyone.  This is probably a result of having trained for 2 weeks.  I also got passed, but that was on a hill.  Which came later.  And it didn’t stop for a long time.  I should probably ride up hills more or maybe do some workouts that would give me a little extra something and I should drop 15lbs. I was mostly annoyed. 

See here’s my HR.  The dip around 47-50 was a part of the downhill where I was spun out in a 53x11, so I coasted a little.  My avg for the race was 170.  Normally, I’d expect to see >180.  I assume I’ll get there. 


Greta says I’m annoyed by everything.  Which is partially true.  Most everything is annoying.

Then after some 11 miles or so, I got to go down a hill to get back to the start and it was short and pretty steep and at 38mph I got the speed wobbles on my aerobars and then at the end of the downhill I turned onto the last little bit of the course over 30mph and just about hit the very tall and very rock-like curb.  Nearly a small poo in the chamois.  Thank you brake pads for being excellent. 


Then I ran again.  This time 7:21 pace.  And I saw 3 people in front of me miss the first freaking turn and then they saw me turn where the big red letters in the road said ‘RUN’ with an arrow indicating turn.  I also have the ability to find the shortest way home, so I sensed it. 

Then 2 of the people caught me, but I finished 10th overall.  Really 2nd in my AG but they did big ones 30-39.  But as Ben would tell me, overall is what counts. So that’s what I count. 

Instead of race t-shirts, they give us race photos.  Which I think is a nice change, except I looked on the site and didn’t see myself in a single race photo.   


Kelly said...

almost everything IS annoying

Chris Tremonte said...

why is it that guys who don't swim well insist on never swimming in their training? "two weeks of solid training and next week I might start swimming..."

23mph without fancy wheels is nothing to sneeze at, especially at a lower HR!

Loren Pokorny said...

I swam with masters, swam by myself, swam more and swam less - none of it really helped me get faster, it got a little easier, but not faster. So, I'll work on what does make me faster, then swim - with slightly a different approach this season - focus on technique and speed (which seems like a no brainer, but before I just did whatever the master's coach said to do which improved neither of these areas).