Thursday, April 29, 2010

It’s that Zone 3 Time of Year

Finally, my favorite zone.  I’ve been basically holding back talking about and training in it because Cour10any said I couldn’t but now I can. 

So after my race, which not-too-surprisingly was mostly awful I figured it was time to turn the page on my training plan and get into the good stuff.  I was really going to start the harder stuff anyway – so it’s a coincidence and it’s not ironic that my race preceded my jump into Z3+ training. 

I really can’t be too disappointed with my race, my HR avg was 170 and I ran ok and I didn’t even bike too bad.  I basically went 20% faster than I have trained for (maybe more) and for about 30x longer.  I think the most time I’ve spent in Z3 to this point was 2 mins, honestly.  Sunday’s race was also the 2nd time I’ve ridden my race bike since Timberman 70.3 – back in August!  So now I’m using the TT bike in my regular training sessions and doing more of the fun but hard stuff.  Nothing like some steady-state HZ3 work followed by a little journey north into Z5.  My calves are rejoicing at this new stuff btw.  I’m glad to have pushed out a few cobwebs and move into this new phase, not to mention swimming starting May 1! 

Some people race better than they train and some people train better than they race.  This year, I’m training with really superb quality and my racing is perfectly inline with that training plus a little something extra for the effort.  I don’t have quite the extra effort and heart Ben does, but try and draw inspiration from my harder workouts and knowing that guys like Ben can draw on something deep and finish better than expected.  Sadly, I replaced him with a new drummer in my Rock Band pretend Band. 

IMG_2867 IMG_2866 IMG_2857

He never played in his underpants and I really needed some deeper commitment.

Good luck to my friend Meredith this weekend at Ironman St. George, her 3rd pro race and 2nd Pro Ironman (plus she just got her site launched).

Even more good luck to Piper in her ballet build-up to the great recital in June – we hope she can overcome the little Soviet kid who never does anything right in class – I’m guessing because she only speaks Russian.  Clearly the old Soviet state would have weeded her out quickly from the Moscow Ballet pool – can you find her?

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