Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I’m Doing a Bunch of Stuff

I’m racing on Sunday the 25th – a short sprint duathlon, which is good because I haven’t swam since Timberman 70.3.  I think I’ll start around May 1. 

My training is short, but consistent.  My longest run is 40 mins and my shortest is 20 mins but nearly all are brick runs, so I don’t have to spend 10 mins warming up and for now, all of the runs start with a half mile uphill right out the door.  It’s like a hot slap in the face and a kick in the pants.

My short run is a race effort – all out.  One run is 30 mins with 20 mins of tempo, the other 2-3 runs are easy and all are also on the trails around my house.  I have to keep the running short in order to keep the knee pain at a minimum – anything over 40 mins and it hurts like I’ve been smacked with a bat in the knee.  I can ran 5-6x a week for 30 mins and have no pain, weird but true and the intensity doesn’t bother it. 

My rides are 4x a week indoor for 1 hour on the trainer – mostly Z2 and journeys into Z3 and 4 as per my training plan, but nothing too taxing.  Lots of slow and low RPM stuff to make the sticks strong (40-50 rpm) and also some higher cadence stuff >94 (for me this is fast as I tend to race around 83).  ON Saturdays I usually do a 2 hour ride outside not too hard but with a few power-based efforts and of course, enjoy 300-350w on the hills, but nothing too taxing. 

That’s it.

I also built a tree house for the girls, in a tree.  They want to put a rug in it.  So far: Piper fell out, Sada fell down the ladder, Piper got hit with a board in the head and I cut my finger. 

My race is pretty flat except for one sort of epic climb that is >1 mile and a good 8-12% grade.  It’s like 1.6 mile run, 14 bike and then 3.2 mile run or 3.6 mile run or something like that.  Since I am 190lbs and have been training regularly for a good 2 weeks, it should be just shy of a cardiovascular debacle. 

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Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Sounds like you're gonna set another course record :-) Treehouses rock.