Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Don’t Love You

IMG_0923 (2)I get told that quite a bit when the kids are hungry, tired, or both.  Luckily, food fixes most of it, at worst, a nap or a good night’s sleep promises a new attitude by morning. 

Again, it’s like any race- there’s a bad patch and then you eat, drink, recover and you’ll find a good patch.  Sometimes the race is over and you hit the good patch – like when you step into Jamba Juice. 

I think I race in like 3 weeks but haven’t really trained more than 5-6 hours a week, so it should be epic and embarrassing but maybe just maybe 2 other people will show and I’ll still get a podium and feel good about that.  Bad if one of those two folks are on a 10 speed or a cruiser bike. 

I had a dream I had wicked ripped abs.  Must have been the 3 small peanut butter cups I had before bed.  For now it’s a dream and the 3 mins of core work I do every day is slowly creeping to 4 and then maybe 5.  There’s a bit more hostility I have to endure when doing core and it usually involves me being sat on by a child or two children or a cat or and probably worse, I get my face and ear licked by the dog.  It’s like a core workout under fire in real life conditions. 

I HATE food blogs. 

I hate them about as much as I hate home remodel and fix it up shows.  They make everything look so easy but after spending like 2 weeks building this arbor at our home I was pretty much never going to swing a hammer again. 

The same thing applies to food blogs and shows.  I can make smoothies pretty good and can probably throw down a pumpkin pie against nearly anyone but everything else, Greta or anyone with a food blog can do better.  I also hate the photos because that just makes me feel worse.  You can’t really present a smoothie or glass of wine badly – so I’ll stick to those.  But…

Here is a food blog that is not really a food blog because poop stories are mixed in.  So it makes the cut.  It’s mostly funny and probably PG-13 a worthy read at lunch. 

No one ever takes photos of me, well nearly never ever.  So I have about 1 per month to pick from.  So here’s one from the summer where the girls didn’t hate me but I think Greta did but more importantly, my legs look pretty good a bit chubby but still more awesome than 99% of those out there.  I also haven’t shaved for 2010.  I started to, but felt it was premature, so I basically have no hair on the tops of my thighs which has no purpose or point.  Except I now just feel bad for not finishing it with conviction and I have guilt for not training enough or being consistent. 

I’m also trying to convince my mom that I’m possibly adopted.  My VO2 Max is 67.  I also weigh over 80kg. 

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