Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Did a Bunch of Stuff

Piper's Art 004 This weekend I drove 900 miles and despite the police’s threat of more tickets and more patrols I took this as a challenge and set a new record driving home. 

I went to a funeral and that was sad but always good to see family.  Sometimes funerals are better than holidays like Thanksgiving because there isn’t so much yelling and traffic and more people show up and after a while I just remember the food and the people.

I wanted to run but didn’t because they had a lot of wine which meant I should probably have some along with the apple cake.  Plus, I didn’t have a ton of time and will have to run DOUBLE next time we visit. 

But I did take an extra day to recover from NOT sleeping at the Ramada Inn – all of the bottom sheets came off and I slept on the mattress after what must have been a whole two hours and I was certain I was being eaten by bed bugs because I believe that only really nasty stuff lives in hotel rooms.  Even the Westin.  But not the Four Seasons or Fairmont.  I toss and turn a lot, mostly turning clockwise and that sort of rips the bed up. 

There was a pool that was 2ft deep and the kids loved it.  I was certain that it was just full of pee, so I let my kids play in it because there was no way I was going in it.  There was also a bigger pool but it had a few people just sort of floating around in it – so no chance of swimming in it, especially since it was about 20 feet long and had a rope half way down the pool denoting the deep from shallow end.  Except the shallow end was 5 feet and the deep end was 9 feet.  It must have been 75 too.  Which means there isn’t a chance in the world that I’d get in.  My friend Tracy says pee in pools is what causes Pink Eye.  I believe him because he was a swimmer who probably peed a lot and got Pink Eye every time as a karmic result. 

Greta had to give a speech about her Grandma.  She isn’t a public speaker and living with me, there really isn’t much of a chance to even get regular style talking in much – but she did a really good job given the conditions of the whole thing.  I was proud of her, she’s even funny when she speaks in public (weddings and funerals are her specialties) and she didn’t read from a paper.  When I die, I want people to sit and read my blog start to finish.  Though I suspect people will really just race to the whole Dasha thing and stop after that.  Basically 99% of the people I know who read this blog always mention Dasha.  I’m sort of waiting for the next awesome thing like that because my life and training really don’t make for great content. I won some awards when I took a public speaking class at Microsoft with about 40 other co-workers.  Though, there was one guy who was insane.  My favorite speech he gave started off like this ‘so how many of you have ever been in a tear-gas chamber?’.  It went downhill from there.  He was from what I still refer to as the Soviet Union. 

I ate my first whole tomato yesterday. Ever.  I’m almost 37. 

I did a brick workout today which I like to follow 1x a week with a race pace run which begins with a 1/2 mile climb up the hill and I’m gassed out about 1.5 mins into the run and hold on.  Luckily it isn’t too long and I took 1:18 off my run time.  18:20 is my new record. 

Somewhere along the 900 miles of driving I also declared myself King and tried to use it as a motivator.  As in ‘can you run into Starbucks and get me coffee because I’m King’.  It sort of works but I will have to test it out.  I’m thinking that Greta would have got the coffee for me either way.  But it’s more fun to use my King title.

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