Friday, April 2, 2010

And It Was Awesome

Skiing with Sada for a few days at Whistler was awesome and epic and people we spoke to (all of whom had British or Aussie accents, well there was one who said ‘eh’ so at least 1 Canadian) said the weather was the best they had seen in YEARs.  I now know why kids who live in Aspen or near Whistler or Park City can become Olympians – the skiing is amazing and hard.  We did a few top to bottom runs that took at least a half hour and we were going about as fast as we could in places – Sada’s skis only go so fast.  And again, after swearing it off forever we came face to face again with the Dave Murray Olympic Downhill course.  It was groomed and looked perfect and I said ‘want to try it again’ and off she went.  Amazing that you can see a kid try something they thought they could never do again.  She’ll then goes on to tell her sister about how she skied ‘THE DAVE MURRARY DOWNHILL’ as if she invented, owned and has the course record on it.  Awesomeness must be genetic. 

2068 (2)

Here is Sada at nearly the top of the whole place – she was one of the few kids there and certainly the one who had the chutzpah to shake her bootie and sing as she skied down – nothing quite like having nursery rhymes stuck in your head all day long.  I still don’t know how a 6 year old could ski as much as we did – I just kept filling her up with chocolate, apple juice, chocolate milk, cookies and pizza. Well, maybe I do know how she kept going…. 

She had a great time and the hotel gave her a key which she ran around using to open every door, elevator and lock she could find.  I just try and remember all the great things I got to do as a kid and ensure she gets to do all of that and more. I also whipped snowballs at her in the hot tub. 

2065 2070 2075 2078

On the way home we crossed through the border and I told Sada we were back in America and she said ‘it doesn’t look like America’.  Apparently, farmland and places of no particular character are not America in her mind.  She thought it was full of cities but I actually think it’s the opposite that that populated areas are the exception, it just so happens that we haven’t spent much time in the middle.  I also saw a sign for a company claiming to be ‘God’s pharmacy’ which looked like a real pharmacy or pharmaceutical company, except God owned it or someone named God did or someone who is probably going to have to answer some questions when they die owns it.  Apparently God isn’t big on SEO because I can’t find the place online. 

I’m back riding and running – though my runs will all be limited to not much more than 30 mins due to my tendonosis – I can run 4-5 times a week max without much pain after that it goes to 11 and it hurts and I want to cry. 

I don’t think I have any other stories than that, except for the bikini party that happened in my living room yesterday.  It’s spring and the girls know that in California you can wear a bikini in the spring, except here in Seattle…well, Mercer Island (which is better than Seattle) it’s like 43 out and raining.  But regardless, they had a party and laid out in the sun in the living room talking on their pretend cell phones and at some point they both decided they were pregnant and gave birth to stuffed animals. 

Their teen years should be cake. 


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