Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So I Do Have Something Nice to Say

IMG_2473I’ve been writing a bunch about all of the rotten stuff and between myself and Pro triathlete Kelly Dunleavy – not sure who is winning the battle,  but I’m thinking the magical ‘$31,000 we found you owe us’ from the IRS tops her this week. 

So here’s some good news. 

We have a BMW X5. When we got it in Oregon while out shopping for windshield wiper blades (yes, I really went to the dealer looking for wiper blades and came home with a different car), they saw where we lived in Marin and told us that the BMW dealer there is the worst they’ve ever heard of – Sonnen BMW.  They weren’t wrong.  They actually and possibly under-exaggerated. 

I went in one day with a leaking washer fluid problem.  They said for about $400 they can fix it and it’s just a new washer pump.  Awesome. So I had them fix it.  Then I got home and all the washer fluid I just paid for (for BMW’s it’s special and is like $12 but it smells really good and super clean) was gone. So I looked at the new thing they installed and noted the little rubber hose that gets the fluid from the reservoir was dripping.  So I went to the hardware store in Tiburon and for $2.37 I got some silicone adhesive that I glued and sealed the little hose with and now 2 years later, it still works.  THEN the truck was leaking. 

BTW – if there’s a 6 cylinder version of a vehicle or an 8, get the 6.  All our BMW V-8s have been pains, while the 6’s have been dreamy. 

So, I brought it in.  They said they figured it out but needed to pull the motor and that was at LEAST $2,500 or about $4,000 when they were done.  So no, I can put water in the car when it needed it and would live with a few drips of water.  And yeah, they fixed a wheel bearing for me for $900.

Then we moved to Seattle and went to the dealer here for an oil change or something like that.  I mentioned the leak to them and they said well, it’s only really the water pump and they could do that for $1,200.  Awesome.  Then I call an independent BMW service place, Strictly BMW where I know some of our former BMW service advisors and mechanics have gone to when they quit working at the dealership.  They took the car and said, it’s just fine and the thing isn’t leaking at all.  Anywhere.  But whomever fixed the wheel bearing did a terrible job and the thing that covers it fell off and they have to fix that for like $500.

So that’s the good news.  Instead of spending $1,200 it was only $750 and because of that good news, I figured hey, let’s be crazy and replace the windshield wipers because you use them here and they were sort of icky.  I should ask next time what those cost because they were around $130. 

Yes, windshield wipers for $130 USD.  I only wish car insurance worked like medical insurance, well, maybe I don’t because those windshield wipers would have probably been $32,000 and another $390 just because I walked into the shop.

I also rode 2 days this week, which I think I noted before and I ran 22 minutes which seemed like an hour and I looked down at my watch only 3 minutes in and then again at 11 mins and thought I had run into a time warp. 

Greta also gets her MRI tonight.  

At the top is a super cute picture of Piper who just so happens to be enjoying a nice cup of sour cream halfway through her ski day. 


Kelly said...

ok, you totally win with the IRS bill.

but did your terrible mechanic ever leave 1-2 in puddles of water inside the front of back seat of your car for 4 days?

Loren Pokorny said...

um no, when you pay $130 for wiper blades they actually get the service done in a few hours, never overnight. Only people who don't know what they're doing make it worse. The advice is to take it to a shop that ONLY works on your make - Honda shop for Honda, Nissan for Nissan (or Datsun if you're old school). There's even a chance the IRS will let me make PAYMENTS! Because after my 401k turned into a 4.01k it turns out I don't have a whole lot of money.