Monday, March 29, 2010

It Looks Like America

IMG_2609 (2) Those were Sada’s words as we exited the hotel here in Whistler, BC. 

It could have been the 3 BMW X5s sitting out front but she said it was the weather – cold and rainy, but actually it was snowing.  As I write this, she’s dancing around in the room in a pair of underpants adorned with some Disney princess and watching some dance show on tv. 

We are here for a few days but decided not to ski today because it’s dumping snow and we can’t really see across the street.  So we’re buying Olympic stuff for 50% and eating and jumping on the bed in the hotel room.  Her head just about popped off when I said ‘you want to jump on the beds?’  She jumped like and insane person, but that could have been the 3 peanut butter cups she ate.  She said she was going to save one of them for her sister but then grew concerned the last one wouldn’t be fresh (her words) enough so she ate it.  I wonder why she hat the energy to chase me down the road. 

So after walking around looking for 50% off signs, we went into the hotel hot tub. 

She has a cast on, so we’re in the hot tub, it’s dumping snow and she’s got her cast in a shower cap sticking out of the water. 

If you don’t have a thick skin, don’t go in a hot tub with kids – here’s what I got in 20 mins:

We’re like 2 poops floating in a big toilet.  You’re the big one.

Wow, you’re hairy dad, I don’t think you should be hairy. 

Your pits are really hairy – I like that. 

Why is your belly so big?

She pretty much was more excited to go in the hot tub than anything else.  Like ski. 

Kids under 7 ski for free here btw.  You need a 2nd mortgage if you’re over 7. 

There are about 3,022,098 gift shops here and some genetic component from my mom got into Sada and she’s physically compelled to go into each an every shop and touch everything and ask if we can buy something in all of them. 

We went to the ATM to get $40 which buys an ice cream cone or a water at the movies, no wait, that was FOUR DOLLARS!  Anyhooooo…..

We got $40 and she said over lunch, you know that machine where you got money, just go back there and get some. 

On our way here this morning she told me Michigan was next to Canada and that we could probably drive there or take a boat.  I sadly told her that there is never a reason to go to Michigan.  Really. 

I made her watch the Guns of Navarone on tv. 

Then we went to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner which is probably the cheapest meal here and then she asked the waitress to wrap it up and she whispered to me that we can ''just order room service to bring us forks’ so we can have it for breakfast.  It’s like travelling with her mom except she gets ready faster, I’m allowed to pick her clothes, and she doesn’t care if her underpants are on backwards. 

And I did ride 2x this weekend, about 3.5 hours total, 223 watts on ride 1, and 232 on ride 2.  I also ran.  And it felt good. I even skipped the ice cream that was included with dinner and went for a walk.

And saw these ancient skis.  You’d think that at a resort that is one of the top ski destinations in the world and that half of the UK and Australia are here this week that you’d not be skiing on boards about 20 years old.  But someone was. 

And also the street we’re on after dinner.  I still haven’t seen the mountain that is 30 seconds from our door.  Because of the snow. 

I also finished ‘Lance’ by John Wilcockson which was a good book.  I think I have about as many books about Lance as Whistler has gift shops. 

IMG_2619 (2) IMG_2621

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Soda said...

hey I have those same skis!!!! and they are probably the same age which is older than me!