Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Really Want To Say Something Nice

I do, I’m trying but I must have done something to someone who controls where luck falls and where is doesn’t.  Like for instance when Greta fell during our first ski date in like 13 years halfway down the first run of the night and never got back up.  Here she is sitting in the Ski Patrol lodge waiting to get released only so she can go to the hospital and find out she needs an MRI which will then tell her what is wrong and then I’m guessing surgery.  I’m also guessing we’ll have another ski date in Feb of 2023.  I figured I’d also include Sada with her broken arm while we were at the doctor just because I’m sensitive.  I promise I’ll write something better and funnier and will use the term ‘Tennessee Chrome’. 

I did however ride my bike 2 days in a row after battling my colds/flu/death rattle for 2 months.  I rode entirely in Z3 and above.  I figured that was the best way to get faster. 

2031 2019

And here’s an addendum to this post, some good news from the IRS.  Hey only another $31,000 from a year ago. 


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Sarah said...

omg. Dude, wtf?!?!?

I guess all I can say is that I am
sending all of you healing thoughts...