Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And Then We Were on The Dave Murray Downhill…..


In the photo above, there is a Sada but it’s really small and pink somewhere down the slope….



So we started skiing today after it dumped yesterday and last night.  I think there were a half dozen inches or more of fluffy snow.  It was perfect, except it was still snowing and there wasn’t a Starbucks at every trail junction. 

So as a warm up we just went on some easy runs and it was really snowy and I couldn’t see but neither could Sada and then I said go right because the big sign said to if we wanted the easy way down except it didn’t tell us to swiftly turn again and we didn’t.

And then we didn’t find $20 or anything that good, except about 10” of powder and a really steep hill for someone who is not even 50lbs.  And then I figured out we were on the Dave Murrary Olympic downhill course – which would have been fun if Sada was Lindsey Vonn or they had flattened the snow out like they did for Lindsey Vonn but they didn’t.  So Sada, on her first run of the day skied a black diamond and didn’t fall and she was awesome but I did have to promise to buy her a stuffed animal. 

She also told me I was going to be a grandpa soon. 

Like when she was 20 or so she was going to have a baby.  So this is why I will not ask questions that go beyond ‘how was your day’.  So there.  I guess if we lived closer to bluegrass country I would be disappointed that she was putting things off so long.

And all the Canadians here seem to have Australian accents and I think most of the UK is actually here.

At lunch Sada was cooked but after hearing that there was ice cream half way down one of the runs she wanted to go again.  There were only pastries.  Don’t believe anything Jenn with the broken wrist at the Longhorn Saloon says. There is no ice cream. 

She also decided that she HAD TO PEE immediately, so we pulled over trail-side and she had her pink ski pants all set to go and then this snowboarder comes flying out of the woods in the middle of nowhere and that scared the pee back in for another 30 minutes. 

So now we’re done for the day and eating pizza in our room, drinking chocolate milk from martini glasses and watching the original Planet of the Apes. 



She’s smiling because she thinks there is ice cream down there!


Soooo tired and it’s only lunch.


It’s super artistic when it’s in black and white


See.  Dad and Sada boots.  Cute.


Beer is better at 11am.  Apple juice is cool too.


Sada on her first gondola ride!



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