Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Triple Lutz

Yeah, this is about the Olympics. 

IMG_2449 I’m trying to watch all of the coverage each day – I have so far, until I found out that coverage is not just on NBC, but also MSNBC, CNBC and probably other channels that I haven’t found yet.  I’ve become a fan of the Biathlon and even Sada wouldn’t let me fast forward any part of the men’s and women’s pursuits – both great races, not too long and a good amount of drama – like NASCAR with healthy people, Europeans and the athletes don’t freak out and shoot each other and the German women look good.

I don’t understand why sports with judges can actually be sports.  I understand figure skating is probably the exception but there should be deductions for the costumes the men wear.  They’re just not very masculine and I expect to see a purse on the ice sometime in the next few days and of course, it will have sequins and a fleur de lis somewhere in the mix.  I’m all for removing Ice Dancing though.  Regular dancing isn’t a Summer Olympic sport, so remove it. 

Even ski jumping has a judged component – style points!  I think they should have jumps that are measured and that’s your score.  Maybe I don’t know the history but for anyone who goes 80+kph off the end of a jump and down a hill should not have to worry about style.  Same with the moguls.  You get down fast and you’re done.  Just make it longer or put a single spectacular jump at the end.  With fire, fringe-covered pants, and sequins please. 

The luge was a debacle.  I know, some poor kid died.  Fast and dangerous sports kill people.  In most racing you have to know your limits and slow down if you cannot manage the speed.  Change it to a lunch tray race or give them saucers but don’t change the race because it’s dangerous.  If the sequined warriors I noted above fall and crack their heads open, will they make them wear helmets?  No. Not unless they can put sequins on them. 

I’m not training because I’ve got some insane sinus infection and have antibiotics and steroids to fight it.  I was getting near-migraines and my hair hurt and I was choking so I figured I should get it fixed up.  Ugh.  Until then, I’m still skiing and trying to build a kid who is an amazing skier – next weekend I’m starting Piper which should be about as much fun as wearing a sequined skin-suit and purse to Camp Lejeune yelling ‘who wants a piece of this’.  It’s not that she can’t ski – it’s that she doesn’t know she can.  She assumes everything new will kill her and therefore fights as if it were.  So this will be fun.  Especially since we just threw about $500 into this single day experiment.  There will be video and probably McDonalds. 

So that’s it. 

Here’s Piper with her ski stuff.  We’ll probably have her wear her ski clothing rather than her ballet outfit:


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