Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Cat Died

Our cat had leukemia and as a result about 3,000 other things went wrong for her.  She was fine last week, slept a bunch over the weekend and could barely move today.  Ugh.  She was good.  She was a connoisseur of heat vents and sunshine patches.  She hated the outdoors but enjoyed warm days with good smells and could hear a can of tuna or a package of turkey being opened over 2 miles away I think.  She would only meow for tuna and because she never said anything we called it her space meow because I don’t think she could meow right and it sounded funny.  At night she liked to sleep on my rear end and could surf the sheets and stay in the same spot despite the effort I made to get her off.  Fellini will be missed.  She was named after the cat in Breaking Away – even though that cat’s name was Jake, the italian word for cat was fellini.  So there. 



Kelly said...

that sucks; sorry your car got sick.

Chris Westall said...

Sorry man... That sucks. Hope the ladies are doing ok.