Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I’m Clever at Skiing

IMG_2471 Those are the words Piper said to me after her very first and quite amazing run this past weekend ‘daddy, I’m clever at skiing’.  She’s 4 but for those who know the ‘Viking Baby’ as she referrers to herself – it’s not surprising.  For weeks we’ve been telling her she is going skiing to which she usually replied that she wasn’t because she was sick.  So either her first day was going to be an epic fight complete with tears, screaming and spilt blood or the amazing birth of America’s 2030 Winter Games Downhill and Super G ‘It’ Girl. 

Thankfully it was the latter.

Some things to note:

she doesn’t know her right from her left – somewhat important when you’re being taught how to ski

she is amazingly competitive – think Cain vs Able, she competes to put her jammies on or to get out of the tub first. 

she’s got no sense and a sense of fear that would perplex everyone but the insane, even a few of them would probably chose quiet time over an activity with Piper.

she’s part Viking via Denmark, they’re Vikings, just sort of Jr Varsity sized but equally capable of going bezerker. 

So she skis on a harness, which is like skiing with a 45lb lead plate in front of you – neither have control and are basically built to go downhill very straight.  Mostly I can steer her like a horse – even stop her but when the horse doesn’t turn and there is a steal pole for the chair lift in front – the horse with no sense would of course hit it.  This is why she wears a helmet. 

I steered her smack into a lift pole. I did say ‘left’ and she fell over pushing on her left ski.

She didn’t care. 

By the 4th time up, she was able to get off the chairlift by herself and ski down the ramp even making a left or right turn by herself.  Without falling.

For fun I wanted to see how fast she could go in a straight line before she screamed to slow down or got wobbly.  She did neither and said she wanted to ‘do it again’. 

And yea, I also took her down a blue run (or intermediate) with little management of her and she was a champ – flying down the hill past kids beefing it all over the place (she likes to point and laugh, I told her just laugh but don’t point).  Again, this was day 1 for her.  She ended the day about the point I was at around 10 years of age. 

We had to leave and she cried.  She just wanted to ski.  I think I almost cried.  She was amazing. 

She watches the Olympics with me and says “I’m not scared of that” and insists on skiing again soon.  Like today and tomorrow. 

So there. 

She’s skiing tomorrow.

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Soda said...

Piper sounds exactly like my brother. He was the 6year old going down the "Palisades", "WaterFall" and "Cornice" at Mammoth Mountain without fear of tumbling ass over teakettle ever. You say he look at that and the next thing you knew he was flying down a hill most "experts" might think twice about. I can't wait to come up and hit the slopes with you all!! I'll take on "activities" with Piper any day of the week!!