Thursday, January 7, 2010

YOU are the wind Beneath My Wings

That song came on the music channel when we were having dinner the other night.  It was hard to explain to the kids why dad was freaking out to change the channel.  Needless to say, it’s not on my iPOD playlist.  Not even secretly like Ace of Base was – which I didn’t know until a road trip to Oceanside 70.3 brought that to light somewhere in the middle of the state in a town I only remember had a weird name but I only remember that it should have been called ‘Barren Crap Land with One Indian Place to Eat’

My playlist has become increasingly important – now that I’m running and biking nearly every day.  I’m doing the indoor trainer thing which seemed boring until I got some great 60-90 min scripts to follow – so something new every 2-4 mins right now – power up, power down, change in rpm, etc…  but like any good spin workout the music matters.  For those who know me, the playlist usually includes Motley Crue – but I haven’t added a few others: Switchfoot, Alien Ant Farm, Ataris, Sixx AM (Crue off-shoot) and Shinedown.  Here’s the machine I’m using with my Power Tap – it’s a Cyclops Fluid 2. 

So after that I’m running – not immediately, but later in the day somewhere about the time my mind stops working and I need a good 30-60 mins to re-charge – so I run.  Harig, who I’ve mentioned before is the recipient of what he said was ‘not that fast a pace’ and is  helping me craft a plan as well as providing me with support as we run up ‘I’m going to die’ hill in Medina.  It’s got to be 15% or better and is about a half mile long – I just say ‘I think I’m going to die’ and he says ‘you’re not going to die’  I think this went back and forth eleventeen times.  I also finally got my Garmin 201 working so I can see just how ‘not that fast a pace I was running’.  8:10s folks.  My fastest mile out of 6 was 7:50.  Ugh.  This is what happens when you take 3 months off and aspire to finish a bottle of wine a night and then take the rest of the night and then year off as recovery.  Luckily, my riding isn’t in as sad a shape as my running – notice I’m NOT EVEN talking about swimming – I’m guessing my near daily shower is getting me in good swim shape.  If that doesn’t work – I’ll hop in the pool once I look stellar in the swim suit or March 1, whichever happens first.  Because regardless of how much I swam, I always went about the same speed.  But after a few months I did smoke Sara who was in her 80s.  I’m not kidding. 

So that’s it. 

I don’t even have a funny story, except maybe this guy thought I was a woman and has been trying too woo me and transfer me $3.5 million from Sengal or some other country where I don’t really think the entire country has that much. 

Hello Dear Loren,
compliment of the season to you and your family. Am very very sorry to hear that your sick, i  just want to know how are we going?

Meanwhile,my father deposited the money under the custody of a security and finance company here in Senegal,
I have with me here certificate of deposit and certificate of ownership which the company issued to my father during the deposit of the money with them under my name as the next of kin.
Unknown to the finance company,He declared the content of the safe box as Family treasure to prevent them from knowing the real content of the box,so it was deposited as a consignment and not as a cash. in otherwords,the finance company did not know the exact content of the safe box because it was sealed before it was deposited.
Nevertheless,I have informed them about my readiness to retrieve the consignment out of their custody for further transfer to your position,they requested an Authorization power of Attorney from me (as the next of kin)mandating them to carry out the transfer of the safe box to your position as my foreign business partner,co-beneficiary and recipients of the deposit on my behalf.

waiting for your information as urgent as possible.
looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenient time.

Yours sincerely,
Amdy Ture,

Here’s Amdy, though I really think it’s Seal who is trying to scam me.  I think he had my nana take his photo in front of her shower curtain. 


Oh, and I’m wear testing a running coat for Under Armour.  It’s awesome but curiously it isn’t getting smelly.  So if you see me wearing this grey and orange coat – come up and smell it and tell me what you think.  It’s got to be one of my most favorite pieces in my collection  - other than my 2 pairs of UA gloves (heavy and light) that are simply magical.


Oh and I stayed home for the past 2 weeks watching the girls and keeping them busy.  I’ve found that they LOVE a challenge and some responsibility  - so I tasked Sada with coming up with a snack for herself and her sister.  Here’s what she whipped up: marshamallows, turkey, cheese, mac n’ cheese and a hot dog.  We just need to move into a trailer, get a few appliances onto the front porch, fire up the Allman Brothers and we’ve got ourselves a meal worthy of a holiday dinner party.  I tried to fit the term luncheon into this post but couldn’t.  So help me with that.  Maybe I’ll try: today’s workout on the bike was a real luncheon for my calves. 


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