Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today I Saw A Dinosaur

I got into the tub for a post ride shower and I saw 3 dinosaurs of varying makes/models, a spatula, tongs, 4 water whistles, a toothbrush, a mixing bowl and 3 wash cloths. I thought 32 kinds of conditioner was worse (Greta’s shower aka MY SHOWER) but these have never endangered my life quite like stepping into the kids shower did today.

Speaking of dinosaurs, I’m old. Well, not 40 but I'll get there someday in the next 5 years I suppose.

But I don’t know if this matters, I just hurt more than I did a few years ago but I think I do more stuff in a given week now than I did even 10 years ago without kids, cats, a dog, a guinea pig, 382 naked Barbies and a pack of dinosaurs in the tub. I might be more competitive but maybe that’s just because I have to make all the testosterone in the house – Jack doesn’t do much sans his boy parts.

Today I lost another friend from the age group ranks as Kelly got her Pro Card and has surely tipped the balance of my triathlon friends. I’ve got more friends under 30 who are pros than not. This is also why one of my best age group friends Ian probably bought Velo Collective – so he can TRY and whoop on me, making it his full time profession/hobby/obsession. Meanwhile, I’m still slinging Excel all day while he’s eating gels over lunch meetings and teaching spin classes.

I’m older, but I still ask mom (not my mom, my kid's mom) if it’s ok if I can go ride my bike with friends except I do a lot fewer jumps these days with friends and I wear a helmet and fancy glasses. I’m still getting faster year over year and seem to even spend less money and time doing it. I believe this is called progress or efficiency.

When I’m not doing that, I’m skiing with Sada – so much skiing in fact that we know many of the lift operators and when we’re not skiing we’re skating and have even come to recognize the regulars at the ice rink as well as who can be coaxed into giving free skate sharpening and who has teeth (ex hockey players seem to have had trouble retaining their chompers). Just in case you’re wondering, I think we’ve skied 12-14 times this season already. I think this is more than I skied every year as a kid.

I’ve got a few nice sponsors that keep me in products year-round and I’m even wear testing new stuff for Under Armour on top of the love they show me already. I'll write about them shortly because there are piles and boxes of awesome all over the place at home that need to be opened and shared.

So here’s a sample of the smarter training I’m doing – here’s my HR over the period of today’s bike ride on the trainer and then my power data. It’s all pretty low key right now – with a few hits into the higher zones, but nothing very taxing. On a big day, I’ll do 2.25 hours and on a short day I’ll do 30 mins. No days off anymore – too much to do, but I’m embracing the active recovery and with a max of 10-12 hours of training, I don’t need much recovery right now. Last year, I'd ride 5-6 days a week but since it was outside, there was a bunch of coasting down hills or up hills when I didn't need to be going up and in general, my avg wattage was lower than it is now - even in January.

Back to the workout...

You’ll see a short warm up of 5 mins and then about 10 minutes of 1-legged drills (2 mins each leg with a little extra something on my weaker left leg) – then the workout. Again, nothing stellar or too intense – my first race isn’t until April 18 and then there really isn’t much until Memorial Weekend.












Here’s the HR data – pretty easy and you can see the advantage of using power – if I were using HR data, I’d actually be backing down on the power and trying to keep my HR flat. When I race – I have a HR in the mid to high 170’s to even 180’s. So lots of work to do and spending so much time really focusing on quality should be really a great investment. image









Here’s the data from today’s run – not using pace just yet – running in a steady Z2. I had to stop and fix my HR strap, it kept falling down and then I accidentally ripped my headphones out TWICE on the run – you’ll see the dips at 20 mins and about 26 mins. Other than that –pretty uneventful. Not bad for an old fella.


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Bruther said...

Amazing how that focused, less time, quality training works once you get old although you are much faster and I am already ancient at 42