Monday, January 18, 2010

Am I Gay

IMG_2190When I was standing in the water for what seemed to be 20-30 mins before my wave started in the Timberman 70.3 race – I was chatting with an unnamed ex-member of the European pro  peleton.  We introduced ourselves and after about 5 mins of conversation he says ‘hey, are you gay?’.  I said “not as far as my wife and daughters knew”. 

This confused him. 

I elaborated more clearly (after all, triathletes are the most educated athletes and pro cyclist are the least educated, that is true) ‘no, I’m not gay’. 

Then he said ‘well, you’ve got a girl’s name and that could make you gay’. 

I quietly thanked my parents for the girl’s name.  Regardless of how you spell it. 

He then continued on to tell me that he thought that if you had a girl’s name and you were a guy that people might treat you different and that you could turn gay.  I said so you mean names like ‘Jenny or Heather’. 

He sort of didn’t get that either. 

I assured him, I didn’t get treated differently, picked on or anything like that because of my name. I should have said my name was Lorpeedo or Tiger or Klaus. 

Now you of course know the real reason Jan Ulrich quit bike racing.

I didn’t mention that I know his real name is Herman but he goes by a different name probably as a result that ‘Herman’ sucks as a name.  Because of that name, I’m sure, he was destined to be a cyclist who couldn’t keep his bike upright causing him to crash so much that he had to quit racing and despite some incredible genetic gifts, he ran slower than my 6 year old. 

And with that, I wanted to share a hearty hello from Space Barbie, the newest member of our family. 


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA that is funny. BTW in Italian your name would be Lorenzo and that would NEVER be mistaken for a girls name. Your nick-name would be LO, but you would probably choose to name yourself ENZO.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

This was a real conversation? Some people. Seriously. Hope you kicked his butt.