Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today I Saw A Dinosaur

I got into the tub for a post ride shower and I saw 3 dinosaurs of varying makes/models, a spatula, tongs, 4 water whistles, a toothbrush, a mixing bowl and 3 wash cloths. I thought 32 kinds of conditioner was worse (Greta’s shower aka MY SHOWER) but these have never endangered my life quite like stepping into the kids shower did today.

Speaking of dinosaurs, I’m old. Well, not 40 but I'll get there someday in the next 5 years I suppose.

But I don’t know if this matters, I just hurt more than I did a few years ago but I think I do more stuff in a given week now than I did even 10 years ago without kids, cats, a dog, a guinea pig, 382 naked Barbies and a pack of dinosaurs in the tub. I might be more competitive but maybe that’s just because I have to make all the testosterone in the house – Jack doesn’t do much sans his boy parts.

Today I lost another friend from the age group ranks as Kelly got her Pro Card and has surely tipped the balance of my triathlon friends. I’ve got more friends under 30 who are pros than not. This is also why one of my best age group friends Ian probably bought Velo Collective – so he can TRY and whoop on me, making it his full time profession/hobby/obsession. Meanwhile, I’m still slinging Excel all day while he’s eating gels over lunch meetings and teaching spin classes.

I’m older, but I still ask mom (not my mom, my kid's mom) if it’s ok if I can go ride my bike with friends except I do a lot fewer jumps these days with friends and I wear a helmet and fancy glasses. I’m still getting faster year over year and seem to even spend less money and time doing it. I believe this is called progress or efficiency.

When I’m not doing that, I’m skiing with Sada – so much skiing in fact that we know many of the lift operators and when we’re not skiing we’re skating and have even come to recognize the regulars at the ice rink as well as who can be coaxed into giving free skate sharpening and who has teeth (ex hockey players seem to have had trouble retaining their chompers). Just in case you’re wondering, I think we’ve skied 12-14 times this season already. I think this is more than I skied every year as a kid.

I’ve got a few nice sponsors that keep me in products year-round and I’m even wear testing new stuff for Under Armour on top of the love they show me already. I'll write about them shortly because there are piles and boxes of awesome all over the place at home that need to be opened and shared.

So here’s a sample of the smarter training I’m doing – here’s my HR over the period of today’s bike ride on the trainer and then my power data. It’s all pretty low key right now – with a few hits into the higher zones, but nothing very taxing. On a big day, I’ll do 2.25 hours and on a short day I’ll do 30 mins. No days off anymore – too much to do, but I’m embracing the active recovery and with a max of 10-12 hours of training, I don’t need much recovery right now. Last year, I'd ride 5-6 days a week but since it was outside, there was a bunch of coasting down hills or up hills when I didn't need to be going up and in general, my avg wattage was lower than it is now - even in January.

Back to the workout...

You’ll see a short warm up of 5 mins and then about 10 minutes of 1-legged drills (2 mins each leg with a little extra something on my weaker left leg) – then the workout. Again, nothing stellar or too intense – my first race isn’t until April 18 and then there really isn’t much until Memorial Weekend.












Here’s the HR data – pretty easy and you can see the advantage of using power – if I were using HR data, I’d actually be backing down on the power and trying to keep my HR flat. When I race – I have a HR in the mid to high 170’s to even 180’s. So lots of work to do and spending so much time really focusing on quality should be really a great investment. image









Here’s the data from today’s run – not using pace just yet – running in a steady Z2. I had to stop and fix my HR strap, it kept falling down and then I accidentally ripped my headphones out TWICE on the run – you’ll see the dips at 20 mins and about 26 mins. Other than that –pretty uneventful. Not bad for an old fella.


Monday, January 25, 2010

The Middle Ice Mafia

IMG_2357So I ice skate on Sundays with the kids.  We skate, as I’ve mentioned before, where Tonya ‘Sweep the Leg’ Harding used to skate – so it’s a rough group at times.  Both the girls are in figure skates despite my vocal and clearly ignored pleas for hockey skates.  It’s pretty much against most religions to skate with figure skates and hockey sticks – so I sort of lost my defensive line to ‘equipment issues’. 

I have 2 kinds of skaters – Sada, who can balance but doesn’t really want to skate right now and Piper who can go about 32mph on the ice, so long as you don’t have to make her do anything – she stands stiff-legged and sturdy.  Sada can balance and stand there but her eyes well up with tears and she’ll just look at you until you have your heart broken and go get her.  Piper, if you let go, enjoys screaming to God and all of Jesus disciples and everyone in the netherworlds at the top of her lungs and then falls down spectacularly in a heap without having moved a single millimeter.  

So I spend a lot of time going backwards while holding the hands of skater A or B.  Piper likes to look anywhere but where she’s going and Sada is supposed to look behind me but forgets and that is why she has a cut up head. 

Now ice skating is different.  There are clearly ranks of skating and I’m sort of figuring it out. 

Some basic rules:

go in one direction (counter clockwise)

There you go.  That’s it. 

Some people, like a goofy kid a week ago, can’t follow that rule.  He skated around and around and around going the wrong way.  Even when they played Journey ‘Open Arms’. 

Skating as a kid was fun, skating as an adult is mostly terrifying because ice is really freaking hard when you hit it.  Plus you can’t skate with a stick, which would be more fun. This is pretty much my sister’s revenge for making her skate around pick-up hockey games for 10 years on the pond behind our house.  Now I have to skate around pixies spinning and parents sprawling on the ice with their uncoordinated pipsqueaks. 

I didn’t mention the ghetto skates.  They’re about 302 kg and I don’t think they’ve ever sharpened the blades.  In the photo above I broken my own law of never doing anything mildly athletic in jeans, I think I forgot.  It’s ok, because the ice rink is basically a teleportation device straight to New Jersey, where all things athletic are done in denim.   Most people skate in the ghetto generic figure skates – but I’d rather walk 300 miles than wear skates with that toe thingy.  It’s like riding a girl’s bike as a kid – no way, no how I don’t even care if it means I can’t ride bikes with you.  I AM NOT RIDING YOUR SISTER’S BIKE WITHOUT A CROSSBAR.  Sorry, that was sort of a tangent and I didn’t ride a girl’s bike.  But I did have a bike that you could take the cross bar off which is sort of like probably not something I want to talk about.

Here are some shots of the rink and the characters you get each week:

It’s sort of hard to take photos of people and not use a flash and not let them see you taking the photo or else you’ll get beat up or thrown out.  So here’s a stealthy and quite blurry image of what I might consider YOUR TYPICAL NORTH SEATTLE tough guy.  Who needs even short sleeves when you’re sporting gold and the same mustache you had when you were 12. I took this one and pretended I was looking the other way and THEN had to pretend I broken the camera and looked at it all funny while I readjusted the focus which didn’t work so well. 


Here’s my favorite kid.  I thought he was Indian but once he delaminated his equipment off of himself, he wasn’t.  He’s Ethiopian because I spoke to his mom who got all dressed up in the same sort of attire and stood inside saying it was too slippery on the ice.  He wore: ski suit, helmet, elbow, wrist, knee and SHIN pads.  Good reason, he’d yell ‘i’m out of control’ and then hit the ground pretty hard just about every lap. 


Next up – the token lovebird couple.  There’s always 1 pair who are clearly on a date.  Try skating behind them, focusing a camera and not getting caught.  None of these couples skate well, they like to make out in the hockey box when the Zamboni is out clearing the ice off.  Again, the denim is a no-no but love is blind.  In the photo with Piper, the couple of the week 2 weeks ago was making out just before I took this picture. 

IMG_2351 IMG_2313

Here are some nordic beauties, Greta didn’t get the no jean memo.  But she does get points for coordinated skate/coat combination.  You can see Sada’s ghetto skates and cougar pants – the perfect combination for late nights in north seattle. 

IMG_2341 IMG_2348

Here is Sada and Piper demoing their skating skillz – note the pulling efforts of both parties.  I’ll have to video Piper’s scream of death next time. 

IMG_2308 IMG_2309

And here my friends are the Middle Ice Mafia.  I’m taking about the ones in white skates and skirts standing there pretending they’re not super intimidating.  They do twirls and spins and some low level Brian Boitanno leaps and lutzes. They look at you with all sorts of distain and they’re probably mocking right here in the photo I took while pretending to NOT BE taking their photo because that would be creepy.  They skate in circles in the middle of the ice.  THE WHOLE TIME.  No Skirt – No Skate basically.  There’s this sort of creepy older guy who wears figure skates (creepy just for the skates!) and he practices going around the center circle for a long time – going around these girls.  I’m sure they’ll take him out.  I got taken out yesterday by one in purple who was spinning just as I hit about 14mph going backwards pulling Sada.  I flipped, Sada flipped and the chick skated away – sort of like a cat who gets hit by a car.  DId I say that I got BRAND NEW CCM Skates and I broke them.  Sort of a fluke, but yeah.  Broken.  Apparently the people in the skate shop there are unable to make decisions, they had to have someone ‘look at them’ before taking action. 


And that was that.

Just to keep things awesome, here are my Under Armour Recharge socks:



I was out running with Harig a few weeks ago and as we’re running down this hill, I spotted a photo on the side of the road, sort of in the bushes and in the wet muck.  I ran by but then figured I HAD to see it, what if it was a winning lottery ticket or a photo of Tiger Woods naked with Bill Gates or something SUPER VALUABLE.  SO I went back and got it.  Instead of anything magically worth thousands of dollars on eBay, it was Al from 1946.  It must have been ripped out of a scrap book because there’s black paper stuck to the back of it.  I found it next to the golf course in Medina, WA. 

That’s it. 

valentine 001

Monday, January 18, 2010

Am I Gay

IMG_2190When I was standing in the water for what seemed to be 20-30 mins before my wave started in the Timberman 70.3 race – I was chatting with an unnamed ex-member of the European pro  peleton.  We introduced ourselves and after about 5 mins of conversation he says ‘hey, are you gay?’.  I said “not as far as my wife and daughters knew”. 

This confused him. 

I elaborated more clearly (after all, triathletes are the most educated athletes and pro cyclist are the least educated, that is true) ‘no, I’m not gay’. 

Then he said ‘well, you’ve got a girl’s name and that could make you gay’. 

I quietly thanked my parents for the girl’s name.  Regardless of how you spell it. 

He then continued on to tell me that he thought that if you had a girl’s name and you were a guy that people might treat you different and that you could turn gay.  I said so you mean names like ‘Jenny or Heather’. 

He sort of didn’t get that either. 

I assured him, I didn’t get treated differently, picked on or anything like that because of my name. I should have said my name was Lorpeedo or Tiger or Klaus. 

Now you of course know the real reason Jan Ulrich quit bike racing.

I didn’t mention that I know his real name is Herman but he goes by a different name probably as a result that ‘Herman’ sucks as a name.  Because of that name, I’m sure, he was destined to be a cyclist who couldn’t keep his bike upright causing him to crash so much that he had to quit racing and despite some incredible genetic gifts, he ran slower than my 6 year old. 

And with that, I wanted to share a hearty hello from Space Barbie, the newest member of our family. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The First Amendment to My Second Amendment Post

So the other day I wrote a post – it wasn’t entirely true.  In fact, it wasn’t true at all, except parts of it did happen or they happened to someone I know and as a cyclist, parts of it have happened to most cyclists.  I had a few goals when writing it:

  1. Be entertaining, after all that is why you’re reading this now
  2. Tell a story as in the same tone I’d tell a true story
  3. Take those events that have happened and turn them around in a way that they conclude in a way that I wish they did

So there.  That was it.  Some people don’t believe that I made it up and that I said I did because after all I stated that I pulled a gun on a few rednecks. But truthfully, it wasn’t true.  I really did go ice skating and skiing this past weekend.

Which leads me to how this relates to Tonya Harding. 

So, in addition to teaching Sada how to ski, I thought it would be fun to also go ice skating and teach the girls how to do that.  So now we ice skate but it turns out that we skate where Tonya Harding used to skate at the same place. 


I also let Sada take pictures sometimes, which is interesting.  I find on the camera sometimes a few dozen very weird photos – and then I remember who the photographer is.  Here are some of those that I found:

A cookie, dog bowl, candy wrappers, her mosaic thingy, her sister, a robotic gerbil, a stuffed thing, the air blaster for some air dart thing they shot at me, her foot on a toy skateboard, her shirt and a dinosaur. 

IMG_2276 IMG_2277 IMG_2278 IMG_2279 IMG_2280 IMG_2281 IMG_2282 IMG_2283  IMG_2285 IMG_2286 IMG_2287

But now you’re like, so what. 

So I’ve talked to someone suspected of trying to kill their business partner. Not only that, but Greta worked for both of these guys for a while or at least she did on behalf of her agency that she ran.  I really just spoke with them a while ago about their search engine marketing program and website analytics.  I’m glad they paid on time and in full.  Phew. 

That’s really it.  I don’t even have any stories to tell except I didn’t ride this AM because I didn’t want to but since it’s just an hour, I can do that before skiing on Saturday.  But I have been running nearly every single day for a min of 35 mins and a max of a hour. 

Oh, ok.  So there’s just one story:

One of my kids, unnamed for now, ran out of the bathroom the other day after dinner, buck naked (because that is better for the post-dinner dance party they have) with a piece (think Satsuma orange size) of TP stuck in her rear end – she got distracted mid wipe and just left it there and bolted through the house for the dance party.  Be glad you’re still not struggling with things like that or that you aren’t a witness to such struggles.  It wasn’t easy to say in a nice, supportive but firm tone: “darling, you’ve got a wad of TP still between your cheeks – could you go fix that before dancing”. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Austin Endurance Ranch

Here’s a plug for my friend Chris’ triathlon training camp later this month and early Feb.  I’ve been a part of his tryout meals for the Ranch and if he only had people there to eat – the camp would be amazing.  You take a guy who cares about what he eats, add the fact that he’s single (LOTS OF TIME) and he’s insanely over-prepared – you get amazing food and what I’m expecting to be a fantastic (and cheap) experience.

Now that the holidays are behind us and we’re all focusing on training for the 2010 season I figured I should make one final plug for the Austin Endurance Ranch.  Three pro triathletes will be running 3 weeks’ worth of all-inclusive training camps in sunny Austin, TX, starting later this month.  They provide lodging, meals, ground transportation, sunny weather, some fun non-training activities and the opportunity to learn from current pro triathletes.  You’ll also have the opportunity to play with toys like CompuTrainers and Finis SwiMP3 players.  Austin has average high temperatures in the mid-60s during late-Jan/early-Feb, and an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day.  

Based on the folks who have signed up so far, our weeks are shaping up as follows:

· Jan 18 – Jan 25: skills and education focus.  Coach Ben Greenfield from Spokane will be in town with a few of his athletes, so he will be leading a few skills sessions and clinics.  Most of the athletes this week are focusing on half-IM races in 2010.

· Jan 25 – Feb 1: big volume week.  They have a few east-coast Ironman athletes who want to get in at least two 120-mile rides while they are in town, and we are happy to provide this for them.  Of course we’ll have a shorter route option and a sag van on those days.

· Feb 1 – Feb 8: novice week.  THey have had a bunch of inquiries from folks who are newer to the sport and/or are focusing on shorter distances this year, so we are encouraging them to attend at the same time.  This week will feature shorter workouts and more skills work.

Alaska just cut their airfares to Austin again, so you can fly non-stop for $199.40 roundtrip.  They’re also offering 20-30% discounts at the Ranch for any spot that is still available, so email if you would like more information.  They still have a few open spots during each week listed above, but they are getting snapped up.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Thank You 2nd Amendment: There’s 2 Guys Trying to Get Home

clip_image001[4]Yeah, the 2nd Amendment, the gun one.  Love it or hate it or fail to understand it, it exists.  Which is good for me because when you’ve got 2 idiots who don’t believe in sharing the roads.

So let me begin. 

We’ve all run into people in cars who hate cyclists.  Whether you’re in a group or alone, you find them.  I’m not talking about the ones who have no idea that they shouldn’t pass 6 inches from you hand or who race around you only to turn right – I’m talking about the ones that really want to hurt you or kill you or at the very least ruin your day. This is because they’re idiots, just so stupid that they don’t even have any sense of what they’re about to do will really ruin someone’s life. 

I have carried a gun for a while – but only after I had one guy around 6:30am pull up next to me as I was riding to work one day and he says ‘if I ever see you in the road again I’ll kill you’.  Sweet.  I got punched in the head by a motorist and chased down by another guy – but nothing like today. 

So I’m riding a nice country road, about 15 miles from home – it’s a good long winding road just outside of Issaquah, WA – no stop signs, not many cars and decent pavement – it’s a bit closer to ‘yahoo’ territory than I generally like, but I’ve ridden the road a good 4-5 dozen times and never had trouble.  Because I don’t really like group rides – they’re either too long, or have too many stops or here in WA, more than half of the people are snots, or mostly because I don’t like being on anyone else’s timetable, pace and I love my Power Tap too much to ignore it. 

I generally ride with music – to pass the time and to stay motivated and as a fall back, when country retards drive by and yell at you – you can’t hear them.  I usually smile, wave and will sometimes say ‘Jesus loves you’.  Except today. 

Zipping down the road at PRECISELY 230 watts (yes, I know, this is weak) I sort of sensed a car behind me and because I’m more often than not riding a handful of inches from the side of the road, I looked back to see what the deal was.  About 3 yards behind me is a sweet early 90’s Buick, brown and missing all 4 hubcaps. Normally, a Buick isn’t trouble – if there are hubcaps it belongs or belonged to someone’s grandma, if there are no hubcaps, it gets parked near a singlewide probably right next to a jacked-up pickup or a pair of washers /dryers and a broken kid’s riding toy.  The hubcapless Buick often contains the idiot.  The guy who punched me: hubcapless Buick driver.

So I wave the guy by nicely in sort of an annoyed way, ensuring I’m as far over as possible. 

No luck.

So I turn and look and they sort of surge the car at me. 

This is good that I’m riding with Power and not heart rate because I’d totally have been out of my intended training zone.  Sprint anyone?  Yeah – I’m pretty amped now and looking for an exit in the middle of nowhere. 

There was a dirt driveway or road right ahead, so I slow and pull in and ride down 25 meters or so.  My iPod is turned off now and I’m hoping that the chamois is going to absorb that major poo I’m about to have because the Buick with the two yahoos also turns.  It is now, that I distinctively remember the story that Don told me about a similar situation except he just pulled over to pee and gets a gun pulled on him because he was on PRIVATE PROPERTY!.  So there I am, spandex clad in the middle of a dirt road, with 2 yahoos sitting in a car behind me and I’m not sure what is going to happen.  I’ve got a phone, a gun, and an iPod. 

They open both doors and step out – dumb and dumber.  Your classic redneck hicks.  Camouflage -jacket, Hurley hat and overweight.

I asked what the problem was and they instantly insist that I’m gay and should get off the road.  Well fellas, I’m off the road. 

I didn’t get into who had the rights to be on the road, we were sort of past the opening comments and went right into the debate.  Except Butter Cup 1, the driver, goes into the back of the car and gets a bat.  Exit poo.  Almost. 

Butter Cup 2 says ‘hey &^#%$, get off the road’, and I said ‘I’m off, what’s the problem’ and Butter Cut 2 again goes for the tough language, providing me with nothing new to go on.  I’m thinking if Remaly was here he’d be quoting Dasha and yelling ‘OR YOU SUCH STUPID’!  It is at this point that I’ve got 2 guys, one with a bat, both quite stupid – walking towards me, there’s about 20 feet away. 

So the one thing you have to know about having a gun is that if you pull it, you better be 100% prepared to use it. 

So I did.

I pulled it out and went completely insane.  I started in the crazy mode, basically to prove I wasn’t that worried about facing down these two guys – one who was pretty much going to hit me or um, me with a bat.  I played baseball for years – so I know what a bat can do. 

I figured I’d take out each of their legs but I didn’t have to.  They stopped, now there were 3 of us all about to lose our poo. 

I said drop the bat.  I wanted to fit in a ‘go ahead and make my day’ but figured they’d miss the humor in it.

He did. 

I let go of my bike for drama’s sake and let it hit the ground pretty hard (sorry baby). 

They aren’t moving and suddenly I am.  I tell them to walk into the field next to us – there’s a few pricker bushes between where they’re standing and the field – but they get the gist and briskly exit the road we are standing on. 

None of us have the illusion that I’m going to kill them at this point – but I’m not opposed to letting them limp for a lifetime.  I honestly hear nothing at this point.  Just a million thoughts racing. 

So I grab my bike as they sort of walk into this field and I head to their car, gun no longer drawn but the intent is still there.  I take out my cell phone, snap a picture of the license plate and then the two guys.  I grab the bat and really want to just smash a window but get a better idea – throw the bat and take their keys.

As they keep walking I go past their car and grab their keys.  My only other thought is that they have a spare – but I’m counting that they pretty much don’t plan that far in advance.  I see a cell phone on this console like thing – sweet an iPhone!  One of them yells at me but they’re a good 50 yards away.  So now I’ve got their phone and their keys.  It all goes into my pocket and I leap on my bike like I’m at the Cyclocross World Championships. 

I begin riding and 300w is nothing.  I can’t see and I don’t remember anything else.  I just rode.  Really fast. 

About a mile down the road I slow enough to grab the phone and keys out of my back pocket and toss them into the ditch full of water on the side of the road. 

I have a gel, vanilla flavored and slow it back to Z2 and ride home. 

Now what.

Well, I should tell you that I really went ice skating and skiing with the kids. It was pretty uneventful but a lot of fun.  And then I found $5.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

YOU are the wind Beneath My Wings

That song came on the music channel when we were having dinner the other night.  It was hard to explain to the kids why dad was freaking out to change the channel.  Needless to say, it’s not on my iPOD playlist.  Not even secretly like Ace of Base was – which I didn’t know until a road trip to Oceanside 70.3 brought that to light somewhere in the middle of the state in a town I only remember had a weird name but I only remember that it should have been called ‘Barren Crap Land with One Indian Place to Eat’

My playlist has become increasingly important – now that I’m running and biking nearly every day.  I’m doing the indoor trainer thing which seemed boring until I got some great 60-90 min scripts to follow – so something new every 2-4 mins right now – power up, power down, change in rpm, etc…  but like any good spin workout the music matters.  For those who know me, the playlist usually includes Motley Crue – but I haven’t added a few others: Switchfoot, Alien Ant Farm, Ataris, Sixx AM (Crue off-shoot) and Shinedown.  Here’s the machine I’m using with my Power Tap – it’s a Cyclops Fluid 2. 

So after that I’m running – not immediately, but later in the day somewhere about the time my mind stops working and I need a good 30-60 mins to re-charge – so I run.  Harig, who I’ve mentioned before is the recipient of what he said was ‘not that fast a pace’ and is  helping me craft a plan as well as providing me with support as we run up ‘I’m going to die’ hill in Medina.  It’s got to be 15% or better and is about a half mile long – I just say ‘I think I’m going to die’ and he says ‘you’re not going to die’  I think this went back and forth eleventeen times.  I also finally got my Garmin 201 working so I can see just how ‘not that fast a pace I was running’.  8:10s folks.  My fastest mile out of 6 was 7:50.  Ugh.  This is what happens when you take 3 months off and aspire to finish a bottle of wine a night and then take the rest of the night and then year off as recovery.  Luckily, my riding isn’t in as sad a shape as my running – notice I’m NOT EVEN talking about swimming – I’m guessing my near daily shower is getting me in good swim shape.  If that doesn’t work – I’ll hop in the pool once I look stellar in the swim suit or March 1, whichever happens first.  Because regardless of how much I swam, I always went about the same speed.  But after a few months I did smoke Sara who was in her 80s.  I’m not kidding. 

So that’s it. 

I don’t even have a funny story, except maybe this guy thought I was a woman and has been trying too woo me and transfer me $3.5 million from Sengal or some other country where I don’t really think the entire country has that much. 

Hello Dear Loren,
compliment of the season to you and your family. Am very very sorry to hear that your sick, i  just want to know how are we going?

Meanwhile,my father deposited the money under the custody of a security and finance company here in Senegal,
I have with me here certificate of deposit and certificate of ownership which the company issued to my father during the deposit of the money with them under my name as the next of kin.
Unknown to the finance company,He declared the content of the safe box as Family treasure to prevent them from knowing the real content of the box,so it was deposited as a consignment and not as a cash. in otherwords,the finance company did not know the exact content of the safe box because it was sealed before it was deposited.
Nevertheless,I have informed them about my readiness to retrieve the consignment out of their custody for further transfer to your position,they requested an Authorization power of Attorney from me (as the next of kin)mandating them to carry out the transfer of the safe box to your position as my foreign business partner,co-beneficiary and recipients of the deposit on my behalf.

waiting for your information as urgent as possible.
looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenient time.

Yours sincerely,
Amdy Ture,

Here’s Amdy, though I really think it’s Seal who is trying to scam me.  I think he had my nana take his photo in front of her shower curtain. 


Oh, and I’m wear testing a running coat for Under Armour.  It’s awesome but curiously it isn’t getting smelly.  So if you see me wearing this grey and orange coat – come up and smell it and tell me what you think.  It’s got to be one of my most favorite pieces in my collection  - other than my 2 pairs of UA gloves (heavy and light) that are simply magical.


Oh and I stayed home for the past 2 weeks watching the girls and keeping them busy.  I’ve found that they LOVE a challenge and some responsibility  - so I tasked Sada with coming up with a snack for herself and her sister.  Here’s what she whipped up: marshamallows, turkey, cheese, mac n’ cheese and a hot dog.  We just need to move into a trailer, get a few appliances onto the front porch, fire up the Allman Brothers and we’ve got ourselves a meal worthy of a holiday dinner party.  I tried to fit the term luncheon into this post but couldn’t.  So help me with that.  Maybe I’ll try: today’s workout on the bike was a real luncheon for my calves.