Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sometimes It’s All Retarded

I feel bad not blogging and doing normal stuff but 99% of everyone I spend anytime with will hear me say, shoot – I shouldn’t tell you this story because I need to put it on my blog.  So some people are beta testers for my stories. 

I’m running almost daily – trying to get in some quality runs with Chris Harig a solid runner with a pretty good history in the sport, he puts up with my 8 min miles or slower right now – but I’m already running a little bit better. 

(Chris Harig: As an athlete, Chris has raced all over the world including World Championship multisport events.  A veteran of sprint, international, half-ironman, and ironman distance triathlons, he focuses his spare time  on Duathlon competition.  In 2007, Chris was the top overall American at the ITU Duathlon Age-Group World Championships in Gyor, Hungary.  He repeated that position in 2008 at World's in Rimini, Itlay.  In the 2008 USA Triathlon Rankings, Chris ranked No. 1 in his Duathlon age group.)

Despite the debacle that was my 2009 long-course race schedule, I’m somehow still sponsored by Under Armour for 2010.  So look for more awesomeness from those guys as well as some product highlights.  They have too much great stuff for running and biking NOT to write about their stuff.  If you are looking for sponsorship from them, ask me and I’ll tell you where to go to submit your stuff.  Until then, you get to hear me write about my kids and stuff.

IMG_2061Since we lived in CA for 2.5 years and my kids are 4 and 6, they don’t really remember that we left this stupid state (Washington) because it snowed and was cold and rainy.  They pretty much know about snow from TV and that’s it.  So on Sunday it started snowing, but like 300 flakes and it didn’t even stick ANYWHERE. BUT that didn’t stop the kids from sledding.  They don’t have a sled nor do they own snow boots.  So they went sledding in the non snow without a sled.  I didn’t get the picture in time –but here are the remnants are in the photo below.  I saw Sada pushing Piper who was sitting on the pine branch on the leave covered hill and she pushed her about 4 inches.  It was pretty much the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  I swear I taught them better – I mean, only a few hours before we were at the ski area tubing. 

The tubing was fun and WAY more dangerous and faster than I did as a kid.  The whole time I thought for sure I was going to impale myself on the ice blocks and never run again – so I was glad that there was only a 2 hour period to tube.

I’m teaching Sada how to ski – she uses a harness to keep from going straight down the hill into a lift, a pole, a tree, a person, a road, a lodge, a parking lot,etc…  This means I basically have a kid on skis with reins – and that I do a snow plow for 3-4 hours straight.  Everything is sore after we ski –but at least she no longer says she ‘h-word’ skiing (we don’t say hate in our house, so she says h-word). 

Piper also don’t know much about Christmas except what she sees on TV. She sort of learns at her own pace – which is accelerated at times and I’m sure is quite retarded at others.  She must be learning about choices at school because Santa was accused of ‘making a bad choice last night’ because he didn’t deliver any presents.  She also told me about the camel in the manger down the street.  Grandma also has a camel at her house.  I asked her what else was in the manger and she told me the hump was there (from the camel) and also 4 legs were present. So next time you put together your manger, check for those other key participants.  She also said baby Chesus, Jofis and Mary were there.  I was also told that there was a white horse there that she liked to ride.  That last part was retarded.

But Piper does know ALL the words to Let it Snow.  I’m not sure there is another kid who is more passionate about Christmas music than Piper, except maybe Sada and then my mom a close third (she’d sit at the piano and play all of the songs for us to sing as kids). She also likes to wish you a Merry Christmas at random times – like in between Wheat Thins or while she’s going to the bathroom.  Sada also insisted on saying the Pledge of Allegiance before dinner.  I’m only a cousin Eddy short of living Christmas Vacation. 


Kelly said...

i just tell the same stories over and over and over until they are perfect

Self-Coached Triathlete said...

Hey Lorpeedo,

I've been reading your blog for a while. Meanwhile, your debacles and triumphs are a hysterical read following my own training. You mentioned how to get involved with Under Armour. Can you provide more information on that. I'm interested in trying out their gear and promoting it throughout the Northeast. My times and story can be found on either my blog or www.fullthrottleendurance.com

Cheers! Glad to hear you're back training.