Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You smell like bacon and other delights

As I sat down to write this post, 4 year old Piper runs over to me crying - Sada said 'I smelled like bacon'.  She was crying over this.  I do hope her skin thickens up because smelling like bacon in my opinion is an asset - certainly nothing to cry about.

Then Greg tells me his brother had a pig nose and he would call him 'Baby McBacon' - so maybe this bacon as an insult thing isn't limited to my kids.  Greg also named his cat Princess Big Baby Horse - so there's always that. 

I don't have ANYTHING related to exercise to talk about except I haven't.  I had some chocolate milk with breakfast.  So I've just about gone completely to hell in my post-triathlon-pre-ultra-marathon-training life. 

My allergies stink and I can't tell if I'm sick or it's allergies and then when I NEVER feel better, I'm guessing it's allergies.  Working on the 22nd floor in a nice filter-air environment is the only relief I seem to get. 

I also got a Land Rover Discovery.  The lease on the 328i is up and I'm going with the 'it is ok if I go off the road in a snowstorm and wreck it' approach.  You can fit 2 bikes in the back without having to take the wheels off!  We can also pull some horses behind it if we had horses.  I get it on the 21st.  It's used which is fine because it's the 3rd cheapest vehicle I ever bought - only behind my first 2 Audis when I was 16 and 21. 

Then, since my Russian ladies have given up on me sending them fake Western Union numbers - I need my Russian lady fix. So I checked out some sites, mostly Russian Bride sites.  There are a lot and apparently a lot of good looking Russian women in need of a date or a husband or US residency.

There was a pretty elaborate sign up process - I said I really just wanted a good looking woman with some farming abilities.  We'll see how well that works.  They also have a section where they ask the following questions:


I was considering checking a few off but I really wasn't sure which one I really wanted to sign up for.  I guess holding a hostage isn't soooooo bad when considered with the other options. 

They do have this nice service to give gifts to these women:


I'm thinking of giving my favorite lady the #47 this year.

THere are a few others - like the $150 cake:


They don't even have the courtesy to spel chek their marketing for the $150 cake.  Then again, with the option of various cream designs, who could put a reasonable price on this cake.

So hopefully I'll get some more magical conversation from this - if not, I'll write something normal. 


Pam said...

Bacon seems to be coming up in a lot of conversations for me in the last 24 hours. Eamon my 12 year old was sharing about a cartoonish type conversation about something smelling like feet wrapped in bacon...I am also letting you know that I am at the public library getting my weekly visitation with a computer with the internet and I am in awe of the level of animosity around me in regards to getting on such computer. That is my observations...I am so happy for you and your new to you's super family/manly. I hope you all are well and for the well being on the planet I am rooting for you to have it all with the family and please start working out....I can feel the stress in Florida man!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Can't you just meet them on facebook and like "wink" or "poke" them for free? I think they have facebook in Russia.