Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You do not read my letters? Or you such stupid!

passport (2)Ok, I still have this daily email thing with Anastaysia.  Whomever is on the other end is STILL trying.  She first wanted $950 and even sent me a picture of a terribly fake passport - really, do they often print these all crooked?  And then because I know the scammer doesn't have any photos left of this girl, I asked for one more and then I'd send the money - but sadly, she doesn't have a camera with her - I'm sure her sister is using it to take the naked photos of others in case they need them or if it's their choice

So she said this:

I wanted to ask you about electronic tickets but it would

be useless for me. Our travel is organized by the government. It is not the payment for flight only.

It includes airfare and residence and transportation where I will stay for work. You can't just buy the

ticket for me because I will need additional money for other things. I must pay them here in cash to fly to you.
I just want to show you real situation about me. To be honest  I thought about it when I decided to
write to you first time. But I hoped that money will not be the issue. I just miss you and I want to
meet you. I ask about the help to OUR future. I will never hurt you or cheat you, please, think about it.

Our life is too short and we can't lose this chance. 

Your Anastasiya           

Then I said I would send her the money and how much did she want and she writes this flowery piece of crap that she probably thinks I read but I didn't because if there are no bikini photos, what is the point.  If she really did care, she would have at least sent me a photo of the 2006 University of Oregon cheerleaders. 

I rent a room in a three-room appartment. When people retire they have a miserable pension and they have to let somebody live in their
appartment for money to survive. I live in the appartment of an old woman and we were talking about you last night. Her destiny is cruel. She has got two song and grandsons but she is alone. They don't help her. They become independent , have their own business and forgot about their mother. She is so kind. We were drinking tea with apple-pie and talking and talking... She was even crying when I was telling her about you because she believes that our cruel world is not so spoiled yet and there is a real love and real feeling, real men who also just like me believe that our world is not so spoiled yet. I promised to that old woman that I will write her a letter when I am with you. She is so single and I know that even a short letter will make her feel needed to someone. The rest of the time I was watching movie and reading Bulgakov. In Moscow they even have Mtv channel and I was watching american programs. Where are you now?  What are doing at this moment? I often think about it!!! Maybe even now you also think about me?

Your Anastasiya           

AND THEN I asked for another photo just because I like to ask the same question 2-3 times and she writes this novel - but I do mess with her but only after she pulls out the weepy "Santa Claus was ripped from my childhood at such a young age" story.  A good story, but Dasha could have told it much better. 

Hello dear Loren,

I don't have a photocamera here so I can't send you more pics. 
I was trying to find some money and I had some luck.I swear I called everybody I know and I was
able to find some money but not all. I'm still desperately want to see you! I can find some money and
I need only 650 dollars now... I swear I called everybody but I can't find more money! My mother
doesn't have so much money to send me, I can't find more money...If you will not send me money I will
return home. I told you life in Moscow is very expensive for me, so I will have to pack my bags and
go home. If I won`t buy ticket my flight will be canceled and I won`t be able to apply for visa for
next year.You came into my life not too long ago and I didn't think anything of it..At first I thought
we will be friends only, I didn't believe in having special feelings to someone I have never seen.
I never imagined I'd be falling so hard for you. We became very close but yet we were so distant.
The more I got to know you, the more I wanted to be with you. Your letters always made me smile even
without writing something funny and without you I'd be very different. I smiled because I was happy
to receive your emails.. You have changed me in so many ways. You make me want to wake up in the morning
to see what life is going to throw at me each and every day. Your emails mean so much to me. I can't help
but think about you all of the time. Every morning I wake up, during the day, and before I go to sleep
you're always on my mind and even in my dreams I see you. I don't know how it happened.. it's so strange
for me....I am sitting here in internet cafe and writing this letter hoping you will get to read it soon..
I'm listening to French love songs on my CD-player and it makes me feel more sad I can't be with
you now... The songs really sound so nice to me but I don't know what they mean. It's like my
feelings to you....I feel so nice when I think about you but it's so strange because I've never
met you...I have built my world around my dreams of being us together and I really like this world...
I always want to stay in that world and never want to come back to reality and I hope that you feel
the same way too.. I'm not sure....Please don't think Oh, why I met that Russian girl in Internet,
she promised a lot and never done it. I really wanted to come to you but you know I have never
travelled so far away and I was not smart enough to  set up all things for my trip. I still feel I
need you in my life so much. I pray it will be possible for you to help me somehow. When I was a
little kid I believed in Santa Claus (in Russian it's called Ded Moroz - to translate by words it's
called Old Man Frost))) I was waiting every Christmas for presents. And when we were going to meet
each other I felt myself like a kid waiting for Santa Claus... I was waiting for you....You are so
different from all Russian men and I still can't believe you can be attracted to me.. And I remember
when I was 9 years old I understood there is no Santa Claus and all presents are brought by my mom
I was so disappointed and I began not to believe in fairy tales...And now when I think I may never
meet you again I feel my worst disappointment and I don't want this fairy tale to be over...
I thought you would be the best present I've ever had........And I'm still hoping like a kid this
may happen...Today morning I woke up hopeless... I don't know how could I prove you my honest
intentions and feelings.... I wrote you so much and I understand I have to finish this email, but
in my heart I don't want to do that. I wish that time became frozen this minute before I say my words
of good-bye...I want to enjoy every single moment with you, to talk about all of the things we like
and dislike...... If I had my own computer I would write you 10 times a day... May you feel the part
of me wanting to be with you now and may I have the honor to touch your heart and let you feel my
special feelings to you..I will be waiting your next email and I hope I will see you on soon...

Your Anastasiya           

SO after this - I send her a fake 10 digit Western Union number, which would mean she or the scammer would have to go to the bank and ask for the money with the code.  I think that is funny.  But she thinks I just wrote the wrong number:

Hello my dearest Loren,

I was so happy when I went to the bank to get the money today!

But unfortunately I couldn't get the money today because

I was told that I have wrong money tramsfer control number.

Probably you made some misprint when you wrote me the control number?

Here is the number you gave me 1-158-988-6351

So, please check and correct the mistake as soon as possible!

When you correct the mistake, I'll get the money and but tickets and then I will fly to you!

Wow! I still cannot believe this is going to happen with us and we shall meet!!!

With lots of kisses from your Anastasiya

So whoopsy.  I'll send her a new number but just slightly off.  I'll see how many times I can get her to the bank with the wrong number.  Here's my most mailbox photo ever.  I'm not sure who poses next to mail boxes except for insane Russian women. 



Greg Remaly said...

keep sending false numbers - whoever is running the scam deserves it. Esp since he/she is stingy with the naked pics.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the picture in this blog I confirmed she is still in the scam biz. She contacted me using a generic e-mail xamazon750@yahoo.com. She has not asked for money yet. I would like to upload some pics to warn other vics!

Anonymous said...

This scam is well documented at
I hope this information avoid new victims...

Anonymous said...

Also known as
Anastasiya Alexandrova,
Ahha Mischina,
Nataliya Belonogova.

Read the whole story at