Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From Russia With Love: Dasha

Somehow this woman got the idea that she had spoken to me before.  So she now e-mails me everyday.  Her name is Dascha and she's from Russia.  She sends me these long emails and tells me about her day, her hobbies and such - a paragraph or more at least  I just go along because I don't get it - so it will be a new series on my blog.  She asks me mostly where I work and "what you liked to do in the childhood".  I suspect she's husband shopping but in the meantime, she's all mine and of course yours to read about. 

Got any questions I should ask or things I should say?  This should really be a collaborative effort. 

Here is her first letter.

I hope, that you remember me still. Some time ago we got acquainted. I do not remember what is the time back it ago. Later, I don't had opportunity to write to you. Just now I can write to you. I hope, that for this long time you do not forgotten me and we can continue our dialogue. I send to you my new picture. I hope you will be like it. I shall wait your new letter very much.

Your friend Dasha!

Here is her second letter.  I'm guessing English isn't her first language:

Hello my new friend! It seems to me that we learn each other better in sew to correspondence. The dear friend now I would like to learn more about you and about your life than you like to be engaged and how to spend time. But at first I wish to tell to you about myself. As you already know my name is Dasha to me of 29 years. My growth makes 172 centimetres weight about 54 kgs. I consider myself attractive cheerful clever and to the extent of independent. On a nationality I Russian. I conduct a healthy way of life as I do not smoke and I do not abuse alcohol. Now I live with my father in the fine city of St.-Petersburg, you probably heard about us. It is very fine city.

Several years ago I have finished institute, but work by a trade I have not found and now I work as the hairdresser. And as whom you work? I hope that you will find time to answer my letter. We can get acquainted with you more close. I would like to ask, that you have sent me the photo. I with impatience look forward to hearing from you!!!!!

Your friend Dasha.

b_img22 (3) b_img23 (2)

I'll post more later - but figured I'd get this out.


Greg Remaly said...

lucky! You should tell her how much your growth makes you.

jascha said...

You are fortunate to found such correspondence from exceptional hair dresser.

Greg Remaly said...
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Sarah said...

Just getting caught up on the Dascha! Lucky you, Loren! :D