Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Million of Kisses

Just in case you weren't sure - neither Dasha or Anastaysia are real.  In fact, you can see my dear Anastaysia here.  The good thing is that she didn't use the name Lyudmila.  I can't even say it let alone fall in love with a woman with a name that sounds like something I should run to the local urgent care clinic for treatment.  Though they did make an effort to change SOME of the emails from what is on the site- so that makes me feel a bit special though I'm sure it was written by some hairy Sergei dude who probably doesn't even have blonde hair.  I am so over her. 

Though this I have learned a bit about Russian Bride scams - so here's a nice list of Russian women from 60-99.  http://www.elenasmodels.com/index.php.  I think you could get younger, but I'm guessing these ladies will be able to cook, run a plow in straight rows and probably take names in beer pong.  I'm thinking of Larisa now:


She's a 'teacher of the English' as a profession - but not sure how good she is because she did write 'teacher of English'.  You'll also note her personality: decent (always a plus in my book!), easy going and hot-tempered.  I'd also guess she's a bit confused but that is ok because she pretty much likes everything.  I also wonder how much drinking is really involved when a 63 year old Russian says 'sometimes'.  I'd prefer if they just posted drinking hours - like noon-11pm or 8:30am to 9pm.  Something like that, then I know when she's good for chores and when she's not. 

My other top choice is Galina - she is more beautiful internally than externally and she's interested in a travel and of course reading books and nespaper, yes she said nespaper.  She's looking for a man up to 75 who is in a good phisical shape.  I'm guessing she can work on spelling with Sada - even team up on the challenge words (we're working on 'add' and 'animal' this week). 


Her personal message is confusing but also really deep:

"In my last life I do not lived in Russia (:o), I so think, therefore I all soul want to look the world and other places."

Word Galina.

So there.  That's it.  I'm done with these Commie Bimbos.  I'm going old school, like birthdates pre-1955.  Though not ONE has said they LOVE triathlon or running, that they can craft a perfect mojito (I like my mint MUDDLED til it bleeds!), or they love playing canasta, or enjoy riding in a golf cart at sunset or making cakes from a mix and decorate it like a boob. 

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