Friday, October 9, 2009

The Internet can turn to happy marriage?

We're on day.... 4 maybe?  Here's the latest from Dasha.  I would guess by the quality of her writing that she is not sleeping at all.  It's getting worse.  So here's the latest:

Hello my darling Loren!

Thanks for that that you have answered my letter!

How are you? How you have spent the day?

I am glad to receive your letters and to read them, to see as you concern me, it is very pleasant to me to receive your letters and to hear these words as to the girl!

Today I would like to talk to you, that we wish to receive from ours with you correspondences. What exactly do you search for acquaintance through the Internet? Love and family creation, or simply friendship and dialogue? On what you are ready to go for the sake of love? It is very important to me to receive answers to these questions. 

As it is very interesting to me to learn you communicate only with me, or you have other girls with whom you communicate on the Internet?

I have addressed to the Internet to acquaintance as there there are many possibilities to find to themselves the suitable man for family creation. Now I am puzzled to searches of the person for creation the families much at my age already have children and live happily, I too very strongly would like it.

With each letter I feel, that I become closer to you. I look forward each your letter. When I receive your letter my heart starts to fight more often. I am so happy, that I have found you. I constantly think of you. A floor of year back one my good girlfriend has got acquainted with the young man through the Internet, they wrote each other letters spoke pleasant loving words much and after a while he has invited my girlfriend to arrive to it to the country for a meeting. Now my girlfriend lives in other country very happily and waits for the child. When it came to Russia that has told to me that her husband very good kind and lovely person which when will not give it in insult. Foreign men very strongly differ from Russian as they more decent and always remain are more decent to the wife, that for them the main this family well-being. I am very glad that at my girlfriend there all well!

Looking at it to me too very much it wanted to to find the real man and here I have met you and we exchange letters, for me it is all seriously. To me very much to like to learn about you with each your letter more and more, thereby we become is more close to each other. Tell please as you represent a happy family? And you have friends which found the partners in life through the Internet acquaintance? Whether as you consider acquaintance in what that more serious for example the Internet can turn to happy marriage? It is very important to me to know answers to these questions so please be in earnest about it more. It is very pleasant to me to communicate with you and it seems to me that if we maintain further our friendly relations that at us all can turn out as well as well as at my girlfriend. What do you think of it? As I very much would like that you in the following letter have told to me about the feelings and if to you not difficultly that please send me more than the photos more.

I with impatience will look forward to hearing from you.

your good friend Dasha.

There you go.  Lots of pressure to marry this woman or at least speak pleasant loving words and remain decent to the wife.  I have mostly written back and said, where are some more pictures, the bikini ones are particularly of acceptable nature.  Do not make me lift a hand Dasha.

I know this is a scam, but I'm keeping at it.  It's mostly fun to mess with them.  I've had scammers before and acted really quite stupid - like give them the wrong address and ask them to resend things, to FedEx me etc...  it's all good fun! But let's pretend it is real.  The content alone is pretty awesome.  I need to demand a photo of the good colonel.  Daddy. And then of course we become is more close to each other and we can represent a happy family.

I'm also off to Whistler BC to go run some trails and hang with Piper.  I'm trying to stay out of Z3. 


Erich Wegscheider said...

I think I become a bit stupider every time I read one of her letters. Although the amusement is well worth it!

Sarah said...

Have fun in Whistler!

I'm guessing she writes her emails in Russian and has something translate? Crazy!!